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I am taking my final, and was hoping to get some help with

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I am taking my final, and was hoping to get some help with it...Is anyone available?


I really need help with these:


1. (TCO 2) Explain the terms Encapsulation and Data/Information Hiding in object-oriented programming. How do they differ?
(Points : 18)



2. (TCO 2) Keeping in mind all object-oriented programming best practices, create a class for a Bookcase, with the following specifications:

1. Specify two data members

2. Default Constructor

3. Overloaded Constructor which takes both data member values as input.

4. Generate a unique identification number for each object instantiated from this class. Use a static data member to keep track of the identification number last assigned to an object so that duplications will not occur. 

5. Show a statement which instantiates an object of this class using the overloaded constructor.

You do not need to provide any accessor/mutator methods or other methods.

(Points : 18)



3. (TCO 2) Given the following list of classes, attributes and methods, 
- identify which items are classes, which items are attributes and which items are methods;
- identify which class each attribute and method belongs to; and
- suggest a class hierarchy given your list of classes.
*Note - no particular capitalization scheme is used in the list below to differentiate between classes, methods and attributes.
Brew, DecreaseTemperature, Manufacturer, MinCups, Price, TurnOff, Oven, MaxTemperature, BrewStrength, NumberOfRacks, IncreaseTemperature, TurnOn, StartTimer, CoffeeMaker, KitchenAppliance, MaxCups, YearBuilt, Grind (Points : 18)



4. (TCO 2) Briefly describe what an interface is and how it can be used in an object-oriented program. Provide example pseudocode showing how an s Interface might be constructed.  (Points : 18)



5. (TCO  7) How do you make an abstract method? When a class contains abstract method, what will happen? Can we still treat the class like a normal class?  Provide pseudocode that represents an abstract class with at least one abstract method. (Points : 18)



6. (TCO 2) Define and implement the overloaded constructors that support the following test function for a Rectangle class. The data members for the Rectangle class are length and width. Both are integer data types.
public static void main(String args[])

            //r1 will take all default value
Rectangle r1 = Rectangle();        
//r2 will take all supplied value
            Rectangle r2 = Rectangle(4, 5);  
//r3 will take supplied length.  width will take default value
            Rectangle r3 = Rectangle(10);    
//r4 will take the same value of r2
Rectangle r4= r2;           
//the rest of the code
(Points : 18)



7. (TCO 7) Create a Java Interface called Animal that contains two method declarations: run and sit.  Create a Java class called Dog that implements the Animal interface and includes two attributes: name and breed. Finally, show an instantiation of the Dog class that sets the Dog's name to Ralph and breed to poodle.
(Points : 22)



Hello Welcome. Thank you for your question, I’m ATLProg and I’ll try to help you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks! I appreciate it. I have about 2 hours and 45 minutes left to take this...

let me see what is can do this is Java correct or c++
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

This is Java.

got it
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Cool and thanks again!


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you... Would you be able to check some of my multiple choice answers?

Please create new question requesting me