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multiple choice questions

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1. (TCO1) What is the true definition of telecommunications? (Points : 15)                                         Transfer of information                                          Transfer of data                                          The reliable movement of data over a distance                                          Sharing data by moving it over a distance


2. (TCO2) These are companies that co-locates their switching equipment in an iLEC's network operations center or Central Office, and uses the infrastructure to deliver competing services. (Points : 15)

                                       Optical Carrier (OC)                                          ILEC                                          CLEC                                                    CENTREX vendor


3. (TCO4) For ISDN’s BRI, its channel is designated as 2B + D. What is the bit rate for ‘D’ Delta? (Points : 15)

                                       24kbps                                          16kbps                                          64 kbps                                          8kbps


4. (TCO7) This is the functional integration of various computer and telephone system elements that enables a number of call center applications such as screen pop-ups, intelligent routing, multimedia, or intelligent call forwarding of calls to the appropriate person. (Points : 15)

                                       IVR                                          Bridging                                          ACD                                          CTI


5. (TCO11) In the OSI-7 Layer Protocol Stack, this layer provides error control access across the entire network, from sender to receiver, regardless of  the number of physical links between them. (Points : 15)

                                       Transport                                          Data link                                          Network                                          Session


6. (TCO10) These are devices or software that use algorithms for packaging multimedia data in order to stream, or transport it in real time, over a network. (Points : 15)

                                       Codecs                                          Network interface cards                                          Switches                                          None of the above


7. (TCO9) Defined in RFC2705, it is a protocol used by telephone companies or VoIP service providers in carrier grade switching applications hosted by PBXs or IP CENTREX CPEs. What is the name of this protocol? (Points : 15)

                                       H.323                                          MGCP                                          TCP/IP                                          SIP


8. (TCO9) What are the two processes that convert sound from the format which is heard (analog), into a format that VoIP uses to carry it (digital streams), and back again? (Points : 15)

                                       Digital to packet (DTP) conversions                                          Application Service Provider (ASP) to multiplexing process                                          Business-to-Business (B2B) to Transport conversions                                          Digital to analog conversion (DAC) and analog to digital conversions

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hey do you have a chance to answer some short answer questions too.