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(Physics question) I was reading some sample problems from

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(Physics question) I was reading some sample problems from the internet, but I don't get their explaining. The sample says A bike pedal is 45 cm from the axle. How much torque does a 90 lb. girl standing on the pedal exert when 1. it is horizontal? 2. it is at its lowest point? It then explains as follows: 1.t=rF 90 lb=90 divided by 2.2kg= 40.9 kg (my first question is where did 2.2 kg come from?) Then it goes on to say F= 40.9 kg * 9.8N/kg = 401N (my next questions are where did 9.8 N/kg come from? what does the N stand for or mean? and where did 401N come from?) Then it goes on to say t= 0.45m X 401N = 180 Nm (my next question is why 0.45 m from 45 cm?) Then it goes on to say 2. t=0. The force is in the same direction as r. no twisting motion. Can you please explain? Thank you for your assistance.
Is there any figure given with this question? When do you want answers for these questions? Kindly inform.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

There is no figure. It is question # XXXXX on the following website:


There is no rush.


Thank you.


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