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Jane T (LLC)
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I was hoping somebody can give me hand here on filling in any

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I was hoping somebody can give me hand here on filling in any gaps that I might not know concerning the History of how feuds between Indians and Americans started and how discrimination against Indians started. The following is what I think I know and remember about my History: The Puritans came to America in order to escape Europe, specifically England. Squanto helped the Puritans survive inclement weather and other dangers. However, disputes about land caused feuds between the Puritans and the Indians. Through the years, as Americans migrated and expanded to the West, the same types of feuds continued between Americans and Indians, including with Apaches, Commanche Indians, and so forth. Additionally, after the Mexican-American War, the same type of feuds continued with other types of Indians as well like the Yaqui Indians. Finally, too often, Americans called on the Army as reinforcements to fight against the Indians until finally nothing was left for the Indians except Indian reservations. Is that how it happened? Am I mistaken anywhere or are there any gaps to fill? When Christopher Columbus discovered America, which I believe was actually The West Indies, there were Indians already living there. Did that event in History also contribute to what I am asking or was this event in History any part of it in any shape, way, or form? Thank you for your assistance.

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