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Complete Programming Exercise 7.3 (Yacht Rental), Page 321

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Complete Programming Exercise 7.3 (Yacht Rental), Page 321-322

Create a project to input chartering information about yachts and print a summary report showing the total revenue, number of charters, and average hours per charter.


The file menu will contain for print summary, Print Yacht Types, and Exit. Place a separator before Exit. The edit menu should have items for Clear for Next Charter, Add Yacht Type, Remove Yacht Type, and Display Count of Yacht types, Include a separator after the Clear item. The Help menu will contain an About item that display an About form.

The Form

  • The form should contain text boxes for responsible party, hours chartered, and the calculated price of the charter.
  • A drop-down combo box will contain the type of yacht: Ranger, Wavelength, Catalina, Coronado, Hobie, C & C, Hans Christian, and Exacalibur. any items that are added to the text box during processing must be added to the list.
  • A drop-down list will contain the sizes: 22, 24, 30, 32, 36, 38, 45.
  • An Ok button will calculate and display the price and add to the totals. The calculations will require price per hour. use the following chart:

Size 22 hourly rate 95.00

24 137.00

30 160.00

32 192.00

36 250.00

38 400.00

45 550.00

  • A Clear button will clear the contents of the screen controls The functions of the Clear button are the same as for the Clear for Next Charter menu item.
  • Make the Ok Button the Accept button and the Clear buttons the form's cancel button.

Summary Report

The summary report will print the summary information and send the report to a print preview dialog box. The summary information will include Number of Charters, Total Revenue, and Average Hours Chartered. Include your name on the output and identifying labels for the summary information.

Yacht Types Report

Display the yacht types in the combo box in the Print Preview dialog box Include your name and a title at the top of the report.

This is from Programming In Visual Basic 2010 and need this assignment done in Visual Basic 2010 Express.


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