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For LogicPro only: Doing weekly exam. Are you available? 11 questions total, one hour to complete.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

2. (TCO 13) If you want to add data to the end of an existing file, what is the correct operation to perform? (Points : 3)

Create file
Append file
Update file
Read and write file


3. (TCO 13) Once you finish using a file, you should _____. (Points : 3)

append it
exit it
output it
None of the above


4. (TCO 13) To create an output file object, you would use what kind of type? (Points : 3)



5. (TCO 13) What do the following statements accomplish?
ofstream theFile; myFile.txt , ios::app);
(Points : 3)

Opens myFile in read mode
Opens myFile in append mode
Creates an empty file named myFile
Opens a file in input mode to write to


6. (TCO 13) When a file is opened in output mode, the file pointer is positioned _____. (Points : 3)

at the end of the file
at the beginning of the file
in the middle of the file
after the file header


7. (TCO 13) The is_closed function returns what kind of data type? (Points : 3)



8. (TCO 13) In general, which of the following contains the least amount of data? (Points : 3)

A database
A file
A byte
A field


9. (TCO 13) To use an output file, the program must include _____. (Points : 3)



10. (TCO 13) Which of the following does not have a stream associated with it? (Points : 3)

All of the above have streams associated with them.


11. (TCO 13) Create a writeData method snippet of code using NAME and State as variables. Collect the information and write it to file. (Points : 5)

#1 is not here.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I already got it!

ok, please wait.

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