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15. Which of the following statements abou the hedonism of

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15. Which of the following statements abou the hedonism of Epicurus is false? (Points : 2)

The goal of life is to pursue the most pleasure and the least pain.
We should try to fulfill our necessary pleasures as efficiently as possible.
The good life is the extravagent and powerful life.
It is good to pursue natural but unnecessary pleasures but unnatural pleasures should be avoided.

16. Judeo-Christian philosophers, such as Augustine, typicall argue all but which of the following? (Points : 2)
Ethical altruism is moral ideal.
Love is central to the proper human functioning.
Humans are typically altruistic.
It is right for us to live for others even if it requires personal sacrifice at times.

17. Which of the following hold that the right of the state to rule is absolute? (Points : 2)

18. Social contract theories of the state (Points : 2)
place the rights of the state secondary to the rights of individuals.
provided a possible justification for civil disobedience or revolt.
attempted to reconcile the modern emphasis on personal autonomy with a legitimate right of the state to rule.
All of the above.

19. Fascists place the ___________________ secondary to ________________. (Points : 2)
government; individual
individual; society
majority; minority
concerns of justice; concerns of rights

20. Which political philosophy typically adopts an organic view of society? (Points : 2)


Classical liberalism

21. Anarchists typicall think that government power (Points : 2)
is unjustified unless supported by a majority of the society.
is unjustified unless directly established by God.
is always unjustified.
None of the above.

1. Marxism has typically produced totalitarian governments on a scale rarely or never rivaled in human history. How have some Marxists, like Lenin, reconciled this with their commitment to anarchism?
(Points : 2)
They haven't. They now admit that the state has an absolute right to rule.
They base it on a temporary "social contract" authorized by the consent of the governed.
They argue that governmental control is always unjustified but is also an inevitable stage in the evolution of a perfectly communal utopia where the state has whithered away.
None of the above.

23. Classic liberalism emphasizes which of the following? (Points : 2)

The rights of individuals.

Personal autonomy.
All of the above.

24. Contemporary liberalism differs from classical liberalism by (Points : 2)
placing more emphasis on promoting positive liberty.
looking more to government and less to the free market for solutions to social problems than did the classic liberals.
All of the above.

25. The vie that moral principles have an objective foundation beyond mere human convention (Points : 2)
is known as emotivism.
is associated with C.L. Stevenson.
is known as moral realism.
All of the above.

26. Emotivists see moral claims as (Points : 2)
telling us true things about how we should feel about right and wrong.
primarily expressions of feeling.
statements of objective facts.
All of the above.

27. The view that moral statements are simply commands that do not tell us about any objective moral truth is known as ___________________. (Points : 2)



prepositional ethics.

28. Protagoras said that "man is the measure of all things". This statement represents moral (Points : 2)

29. ______________________ has been charged by its critics as being self-refuting and existentially untenable. (Points : 2)
Moral absolutism
Mroal skepticism
Moral universalism
None of the above.

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