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Did slavery in United States history really happen as presented

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Did slavery in United States history really happen as presented in the movie "Roots" when Kunta Kinte was kidnapped from Africa, sold into slavery, and brought to the United States? Is that how all or most slaves were brought to the United States in United States history? Thank you.



I would like to answer your question but need a little more info. Is this supposed to be an essay of a certain length or other requirements? When do you need the answer?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No, it's not a homework assignment. I am just a curious person. My answer can be provided whenever possible. Thank you.

Early on, slaves were obtained in the West Indies, but most were indeed brought from Africa, caught unawares by white slave traders or sold by other Africans who of course profited highly from such business. At first, the white settlers tried to use Native Americans for slaves, but that did not work out so they started to look elsewhere for slaves and so by the mid-1700's the slave trade was a booming business mostly for British slavers who picked up slaves in Africa, sold them in North America, then bought sugar in the West Indies (along with rum) to take back to England. It was like a big triangle trade.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Why would they do this instead of any of the following: Hire a maid or butler to work for them for inside work, hire a gardener to work for them for outside work, do the work themselves, or procrastinate and/or live in a messy house. Any one of these 4 options or a combination of would have been better than kidnapping, abuse, and brutality.

There was lots of outside work to be done, heavy and long--clearing forests, pulling rocks out of fields to plant, planting, harvesting, animal care, etc. they did not have the money to hire all these people, nor did they have the people. Some sects believed that blacks were dark skinned because they were "sub human"--marked by the devil. People over the centuries have committed many acts of abuse and brutality, but greed often wins out.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Is the reason why they were not able to make slaves out of Indians because Indians always stuck together and were not afraid to die since they were Indian braves and fought to the death and because the entire Indian tribe in large numbers would come looking for any one of their own that was lost?


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