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What protection is provided by the Fourth Amendment?Self-incrimination

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What protection is provided by the Fourth Amendment?
Due process violations
Unreasonable searches and seizures
Cruel and unusual punishments
What constitutional doctrine is based on the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution and requires that laws be written with sufficient clarity and specificity?
Void of definition
Void of action
Void of vagueness
Void of opportunity
What type of causation, also known as “proximate” causation, is concerned with who should be held criminally responsible?
Illegal causation
Legal causation
Criminal causation
Victim causation
The concept that a person is not required to retreat if that person is the victim of an unprovoked attack is known as what legal principle?
Stand firm principle
Stand your ground rule
Do not retreat rule
None of the above
Under what age does the Model Penal Code provide a defense of “immaturity,” which requires that a person may not be convicted of a crime?
Under 17
Under 18
Under 16
None of the above
Attempt, conspiracy, and solicitation are forms of what type of offense?
Inchoate crimes
White-collar crimes
Blue-collar crimes
None of the above
What is the general term that covers a range of nonconsensual sexual offenses against another person?
a.Rape b.Sexual Assault
c.Aggravated Sexual Assault
d.Aggravated Assault
Jack is a crook with an honest face. People easily trust him. Jack works a scam in which he convinces the elderly to invest their life savings in a false company based on false annual reports of highly lucrative returns. He insists the investment must be in cash to facilitate timely return on investment. Jack is guilty of a crime involving what?
False pretenses
None of the above
Slim gathers more than five people together for the purpose of attacking members of a legal demonstration sponsored by a group that Slim and his group hate. Slim is guilty of what crime?
Unlawful assembly
Illegal gathering
None of the above
What is the term for activities that result from a collaboration between drug traffickers and traditional terrorist groups?
Drug terrorism
If a suspect leaves the officer’s jurisdiction while being pursued, the chase may continue and is called a:
suspect run.
jurisdictional flight.
flight chase.
hot pursuit.
A __________ is a chemical used to detect or test for the presence of blood or other substances.
double helix
A cognitive interview is an interviewing technique that:
a.helps victims or witnesses mentally put themselves at the crime scene to gather information about the crime.
b.hypnotizes the victims or witnesses in order to elicit information.
c.uses puzzles and other mental exercises to stimulate the memories of victims and witnesses.
d.None of the above
In this chemical method to develop fingerprints, the suspect material is immersed in a silver nitrate solution in a tray. This is called:
iodine method.
Forward-looking infrared devices (FLIRs) are typically mounted under aircraft and used to detect heat sources. This is called:
thermal imaging.
audio surveillance.
electronic vehicle tracking.
ABC surveillance.
The primary objectives of an officer arriving on the scene of a robbery include all of the following EXCEPT:
ensure the public’s safety.
protect police officers responding to the robbery.
engage in physical stereotyping in an effort to identify the robbery suspect.
take control of the crime scene.
When confronted with a hostage situation, the police negotiator needs to establish communication with the hostage taker. After establishing contact, the negotiator must:
demand an immediate surrender, and if the hostage taker doesn’t comply, the negotiator must tell the offender about the consequences of not following orders.
be truthful during contacts and working patiently to build credibility to continue negotiations for a safe resolution of the situation.
instruct the offender to provide a list of demands immediately, so the police can comply.
tell the offender that if he does not release the hostages, the police cannot be responsible for what happens to him.
When investigating an auto theft, the investigator should examine the vehicle for which identifying information to determine whether the vehicle has been reported stolen?
License and registration
Make and model
VIN number
Year and manufacturer
Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO) is best described as allowing for:
prosecution of an individual who commits more than one offense as outlined in RICO.
prosecution of an entire multi defendant organized crime group for all its diverse activities.
prosecution of a violator who has committed two predicate offenses within a fifteen-year period.
prosecution for offenses that require only civil remedies.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Which one of the following traits does NOT generally characterize right-wing terrorist groups in this country?

Opposing sudden change in established order

Believing that the country is headed toward disaster and they must be ready to fight to protect their inalienable rights

Advocating liberal, often radical, measures to effect changes in the established political order

Maintaining paramilitary training and stockpiling automatic weapons and explosives




A biome is characterized primarily by:

climate and predominate plant types.

temperature and moisture.

flora and fauna.

global weather patterns.


Metabolic heat (Hm) is the heat:

energy intake an organism must have for movement.

released during cellular respiration.

energy needed in order to undergo cellular respiration.

energy loss due to evaporation.


The kingdom that contains the most trophic diversity:






The Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium equation is:

q2 –qp+p2= 1.0.

2pq - q2 – 2p = 1.0.

q2 –qp2 + p = 1.0.

p2 + 2pq + q2 = 1.0.


Type III survivorship curve indicates:

low juvenile mortality and high mortality in older adults.

high juvenile mortality and low mortality in older adults.

low juvenile mortality and low mortality in older adults.

high juvenile mortality and high mortality in older adults.


Grime's classification of plant life histories focuses attention on:

stress and disturbance.

stress and nutrient availability.

disturbance and gene flow.

disturbance and plant species diversity.


In Michael Huston's studies of Costa Rican forest diversity, the highest tree diversity was found on soils with:

very high fertility.

moderate fertility.

very low fertility.

either high or low, but not moderate, fertility.


Carnivores that feed on herbivores (or on detritivores) are referred to as:

primary producers.

primary consumers.

secondary consumers.



Mowing experiments in a Kansas prairie established that, for small mammals:

moving individuals travel farther in more fragmented landscapes.

moving individuals travel farther in less fragmented landscapes.

more individuals move in more fragmented landscapes.

fragmentation affects movement distance but not the likelihood of movement.


Concentrations of ozone in earth's atmosphere are highest in the:







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