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This assignment consists of three (3) sections: a narrative,

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This assignment consists of three (3) sections: a narrative, a storyboard, and a business Website. You must submit all three (3) sections for the completion of this assignment. The assignment is to be submitted in a single compressed folder (zip file) to the online course shell. Section 3 must contain all .htm files, along with any other files that may be necessary for your project to run (ex: text files, images, etc.). When saving the compressed folder (zip file), it should be saved as Techincal Project_Last name_First For example, if your name isXXXXX the file for submission should be saved as Techincal Project_Smith_M.htm

Select a business that you are interested in. (e.g., pet store, travel site, fishing gear, appliances, automobiles, housewares, furniture, etc.). Imagine that you have just been hired to create a four (4) page hierarchical Website for the business you selected.

Section 1: Narrative
Write a half (½) page paper in which you:
1. Create a narrative that describes the site to your prospective client.

Section 2: Storyboard
Imagine that your narrative has been approved. Use Word, Visio, or Dia to:
2. Create a storyboard diagram depicting the layout of your Website.

Section 3: Business Website
In order to receive full credit for this section, you will need to submit:
One (1) screen shot of your emailed data from the guestbook.
One (1) CSS style sheet.
Four (4) Web pages.
3. Create your Website based on the following requirements:
a. Create a Cascading Style Sheet (.css) for all pages, which:
i. Applies a background color.
ii. Applies style to font.
iii. Changes the ordered list markers to anything other than the default.
iv. Changes the unordered list markers to anything other than the default.
v. Applies style to a copyright footer.
b. Include:
i. A graphic or logo on the home page.
ii. A navigation bar with links to every other page on the home page.
iii. A guestbook registry on the home page using the mailto: XXXXX XXXXX an entry field for:
a. A person’s name.
b. An email address.
iv. A piece of JavaScript on the home page.
c. Create a submit button for the guestbook registry that will email the information to your email address. Note: Test the function and take a screen shot of the emailed information you receive. You must submit the screen shot in your zipped file of deliverables as proof.
d. Create three (3) sub pages that include:
i. The same graphic / logo.
ii. A navigation bar with links to every other page.
iii. An ordered list of at least two (2) items, and then at least two (2) unordered list entries under each ordered list item where one (1) of the items must be a hyperlinked to a Website (the hyperlink should not show the address printed on the page).
Note: Each of the three pages should have unique lists.
A. Food
• Dry food
• Wet food
• Canned food
B. Toys
• Indoor
• Outdoor
Hello, Grady! Thank you for your question. It would be my pleasure to assist you with this.

By when is this required?

Thank you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It is due tomorrow by midnight. Got caught up and stuck on a field op for longer than expected and now I can't finish this assignment. Haven't even been able to start it.

Hello again,

That's no problem at all. I will contact you once this is complete.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok thank you very much. With the webpages can I also have the code in a separate saved notepad file?

That's somewhat odd. HTML/HTM files are just text files. They are absolutely no different than a txt file. So, on a Windows machine, if your right-click on an HTM or HTML file and select "Open With" and then select either Notepad or Wordpad, you will see that they are nothing but text files. In fact, saving the code to notepad would be absolutely no different than renaming the HTML files to .txt instead of .htm

Do you want all of the code for all of the page in a single text file, or in multiple? Also, do you want the CSS file stored similarly?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Well, how you described it is how I have done my previous assignments. So a test file works perfectly, and separately for each page if possible. The CSS can be internal to pages. I only asked due to when I submit these assignments I submit them in a zip file and for each individual webpage I have one .htm file and the corresponding .txt file to go with it.

No problem. I will contact you once everything is complete.

Thank you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you very much for the help.


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