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The Banking e-Teller system allows bank customers to perform

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The Banking e-Teller system allows bank customers to perform ATM transactions from their cell or smart phones. BET will allow customers to check balances, make remote photo capture check deposits, and perform balance transfers to their checking or savings account. It is time to start organizing your solution for this system and to begin development on your design proposal.

Create the following for BET charts (see examples below for another sample problem):

  • Problem analysis chart

  • Structure chart

  • IPO chart

  • Coupling diagram

  • Data dictionary

Examples for Customer Purchase Receipt


Problem Analysis Chart:

Given Data

Required Results

Products to purchase
Price for each product
Quantity of products being purchased
Sales Tax

One line item per product being purchased showing price, quantity and total price
Final total that sums the total price and adds the sales tax

Processing Required

Solution Alternatives

  1. Input product information and price

  2. Input quantity for the product

  3. Multiply price times quantity = total price for each product

  4. Sum all of the total prices

  5. Multiple the sum of total prices by sales tax to determine sales tax to add

  6. Add the sum and the sales tax adder for the final amount due

  1. Manually calculate on a calculator and hand total written on a piece of paper

  2. Allow Point of Sale (POS) scan the product that inputs price and select quantity. Sales tax is part of the application based on the location of the purchase. POS outputs a receipt with all computations and final total

Structure Chart:

IPO Chart:



Module Reference


Product Information
Product Quantity
Product Price
Sales Tax

  1. Enter product information

  2. Enter product price

  3. Enter product quantity purchased

  4. Calculate line item total price

  5. Calculate total sum

  6. Calculate sales tax amount

  7. Calculate final total amount due

  8. Print receipt with product info and other line item calculations

  9. Print sum of the line items

  10. Print computed sales tax

  11. Print final total amount due

  12. Print receipt date/time

Read Product Info

Read Product Price

Read Product Quantity

Calculate Line Item Price

Calculate Sum

Calculate Sales Tax

Calculate Final Total

Print Line Items

Print Line Item Total

Print Sales Tax Total

Print Final Total

Print Receipt Footer Info

Line Item: Product Info, price, quantity and computed total price

Computed sum of line item total price

Computed Sales Tax Total

Computed final total amount due

Receipt footer: Date and receipt number


Coupling Diagram:

  • PI = Product Info

  • PP = Product Price

  • PQ=Product Quantity

  • PT = Price Total

  • SA = Sum Amount

  • ST = Sales Tax

  • TD = Total Due

  • LI = Line Item Info

  • RI = Receipt Info

Data Dictionary:

Data Item

Variable Name

Data Type

Product #



Product Name



Product Price



Product Quantity



Price Total



Final Total



Sales Tax



Amount Due






Receipt number




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LogicPro, Engineer
Category: Homework
Satisfied Customers: 13075
Experience: Expert in Java C++ C C# VB Javascript Design SQL HTML
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