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An exmple of a post and lintel system is:A. A Greek temple B.

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An exmple of a post and lintel system is:

A. A Greek temple

B. A painting by Artemisia Genteleschi

C. The sculpture of the Seated Scribe

Pieter Breugel's, The Harvesters is unusual in what way?

A. It is a representation of a scene from the French Revolution.

B. It is made in the difficult technique of fresco.

C. It is a genre called landscape and relates to the Protestant Reformation.

The proper term for sculpture that is fully finished all around and free from a background is:

A. Relief

B. In the round

C. Ionic

Can we apply standards of beauty in art from one culture to another?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Only during Leap year

Which of the following is an art object used for funerals?

A. Bayeux Tapestry

B. El Anatsui, Sasa

C. The Greek Krater

Assyrian power was often depicted in which art form?

A. Relief sculpture

B. Oil painting

C. Life sized marble figures

Which of the following aided the illiterate to learn their religion in the Middle Ages?

A. County Fairs

B. Stained glass

C. Elementary school

What does the term historic context mean?

A. It is a term used for the understanding of objects within their time period, culture, and social conditions.

B. It is a term used for the content found in academic paintings.

C. It is a term used for the images found on Chinese and Japanese art scrolls.

Baroque art in Italy did which of the following?

A. Used Landscapes to convey religious messages

B. Was exemplified by Michelangelo's Creation of Adam

C. Used opulence and dramatic settings to bring the faithful back to the Church

A set of orders is:

A. The rules used for making an oil painting in Egypt

B. The Greek system consisting of base, column, capital, and entablature

C. A repository for Holy relics

Manuscript is a term for which of the following?

A. An early book made of animal skins and often illuminated

B. An important relief carving depicting royality

C. The process for making bronze sculpture

Which of the following is true about academies?

A. An academy is a school that trained male artists.

B. Women artists could belong, but not take take lessons.

C. It is both of the above.

Which of the following is particular to a Gothic building?

A. Pointed arches, buttresses, stained glass

B. Domes and rotundas

C. Ionic, Doric, or Corinthian columns

The word Renaissance means which of the following?

A. It means the rebirth of the piety of the Middle Ages.

B. It is the philosophy known as the Age of Enlightenment.

C. It is the rebirth of Greek and Roman ideas and culture.

Since humanism was a Renaissance focus, how might we see it represented in art?

A. Works of art may contain references to the Industrial Revolution.

B. Works of art may reflect the Philosophy of the Age of Enlightenment.

C. Works of art may have a focus on rendering the figure as individualistic.

The Death of Marat contains what references?

A. Marat has been depicted as a Christian martyr.

B. Marat is being associated with the French Revolution.

C. It is both of the above.

What change in art took place in Roman sculpture?

A. The Romans invented equestrian sculptures.

B. The Romans created Hellenistic sculpture.

C. It is both of the above.

The interior of San Vitale is decorated in which of the following?

A. Large scale Greek marbles

B. Intricate and glittering mosaics

C. Frescoes

The plan of the Romanesque church of Sainte-Foy contains a new innovation. What is it for and what is it called?

A. It is a flying buttress and it is to help stabilize the tall walls.

B. It is an octagonal central plan and it is designed to represent the cycle of life.

C. It is an ambulatory and it offers more space for pilgrims to view relics.

Which of the following ideas can be attached to Botticelli's Birth of Venus? Part 2 Short Essay

A. This is the first time we see an artist use his wife as a model.

B. The painting represents Neo-Platonistic thought.

C. The painting is a fresco based on work by Michelangelo.

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