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Correct the semicolons and colons usage in the following sentences.

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Correct the semicolons and colons usage in the following sentences. Your answer should consist of the exact sentences copied and pasted into the text box. You should place the appropriate semicolons or colons in the sentences. There may be questions that are correct as written. Remember that you are not to correct or introduce other punctuation. However, you may find that some commas are not the appropriate punctuation required for the correctness of the sentence. You are not to rewrite the sentences in any way, but merely correct the use of semicolons and colons.

a. After she had spent some time living in the city, Tyra decided to go back to her small town however, her lease prevented her from leaving for six more months.

b. Of all her possessions, she loved this one the best the hand-carved wooden owl.

c. After I got my hair cut, I went shopping for new shoes, a new shirt, and a new pair of glasses.

d. There were some considerable shifts in his thinking therefore, he changed his political parties, much to the disappointment of his running mate.

e. Getting my dog, I knew that I would have to change my habits namely, my going on weekend adventures to other towns.

Correct the APA in-text citation issues in the following sentences. Your answers should consist of the exact sentences copied and pasted into the text box. You should make the appropriate corrections to the in-text citations, including changing incorrect punctuation associated with APA in-text citations, inserting missing information (such as page numbers), or making changes to the in-text citations that are already present. If you add information, such as a page number, then it is permissible to provide any number so long as it demonstrates that you understand proper APA citation. There may be sentences in which the APA parenthetical citations are correct. Remember that you are not to change the order of the components but merely correct the in-text citations.

a. While the exact cure is yet unknown, there are some who would argue that “there is much that we may gain from our continued efforts.” (Smithenson, 2003)

b. Some critics of the group have urged that the group be disbanded on the basis that “it is much too influential in the private sector” (John Grant, 2006).

c. Willey objects strongly to “the unification of private and professional spheres of life” (p. 97).

d. One such case study (Myers and Williamson, 2004) reports that the causes may be more ubiquitous than originally thought.

e. Rupert, Collins, Watson, Clarkson, Milliard, Duncan, Foster, Clide, and York (2009) write that we may see dramatic drops in the numbers of cases in the future as people become more educated.
I'll be happy to help. Please don't forget to put FOR XXXXX XXXXX, as other experts might ask if they can assist before I see it. I really appreciate your questions.

I'll get to this as soon as I can.


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