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Attention: TeacherGreg - Formal ties between Great Britain

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Attention: TeacherGreg
- Formal ties between Great Britain and the United States were severed:
a) when the American Declaration of Independence was singed.

b) when the colonists boarded British ships and threw tea overboard.

c) through the drafting of the Magna Carta.

d) following the Civil War

- The basic purpose of the American legal system is to:

a) remove power from the government

b) develop a living law

c) ensure fairness in balancing individual and societal rights and needs

d) create a system that, while not perfect, is the best in the world.

-Women were granted the right to vote:

a) through the Emancipation Proclamation

b) 50 years before discrimination based on race was prohibited

c) at the same time discrimination based on race was prohibited

d) 50 years after discrimination based on race was prohibited

- The current Supreme Court has __ female justice(s):

a) zero

b) one

c) two

d) three

- The most authoritative source of information is __ information.

a) primary

b) secondary

c) tertiary

d) quaternary

- The amount of force that can be used by police when executing an arrest is:

a) subjective

b) as much as the officers feel like using

c) only enough to overcome resistance

d) both A and B

-The Miranda warning is not required:

a) when questioning witnesses

b) during a stop and frisk situations

c) during general questioning at a crime scene

d) all the above

- A waiver of one's Sixth Amendment right to counsel must be:

a) provided in writing

b) unbiased

c) knowing and voluntary

d) all the above

- According to the Eighth Amendment, bail shall not be:

a) predetermined

b) excessive

c) ancillary

d) none of the above, the Eighth Amendment sets no restrictions on bail

- The principle of double effect states that:

a) the end justifies the means

b) unintended negative effects are justified in the pursuit of a good end

c) goods ends must be twice as good as the unethical means used to achieve the ends

d) negative means must be half as the good end that is achieved

- The Supreme Court has ruled that prosecutors cannot be subject to civil suits against them:

a) even in cases of egregious rulebreaking

b) unless the case is later overturned

c) because trial judges are always on the prosecutor's side

d) because it is important that prosecutors win their cases

- The American Bar Association's formal written ethical code for Judges is titled the:

a) Model Code of Judicial Conduct

b) Model Rule for Judges

c) Professional Responsibility code

d) Judicial Code of Responsibility

- The Eighth Amendment to the Constitution protects citizens against:

a) More humane prisons

b) Violence from racial gangs

c) Fewer court suits

d) There was no decrease in CO-to-inmate violence

-The Federal exclusionary rule may be triggered by violation of which of the following?

a) A state statute

b) A Federal statute

c) a state constitution

d) the Fourth Amendment

- When police detain a person during a stop longer than is reasonable, the stop becomes a/an:

a) seizure

b) search

c) stationhouse detention

d) arrest

-The Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable searches and seizures does NOT apply in:

a) vehicles

b) immigration and border searches

c) public

d) homes

- The sharing and division of power between the state and federal courts is called principle of:

a) a dual court system

b) checks and balances

c) full faith and credit

d) comity

- The American Bar Association recommends that all felony cases reach disposition within:

a) six months of arrest

b) six months of filing

c) one year of arrest

d) one year of filing

- Which of the following is a member of the President's cabinet?

a) US Solicitor General

b) US Attorney

c) Supreme Court Chief Justice

d) US Attorney General

- Federal judges are appointed for how long?

a) Six year terms

b) Ten Year terms

c) Life

d) Four Year terms

- A defendant is charged with aggravated assault. The prosecutor will accept a plea to regular assault. This is an example of a _____ bargain.

a) count

b) charge

c) sentence

d) indictment

Jury___ occurs when the just ignores the law and acquits an obviously guilty defendant.

a) obfuscation

b) contrariety

c) obstinacy

d) nulification
Hi, I am a Moderator for this topic. I sent your requested professional a message to follow up with you here, when he is back online. If I can help further, please let me know. Thank you for your continued patience.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you very much!

So sorry for the delay. Was offline last night - will work on these this morning for you.


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Mr. Gregory White, Professor
Category: Homework
Satisfied Customers: 5240
Experience: M.A., M.S. Education / Educational Administration
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