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The visual elements include:A. Commentary and history B.

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The visual elements include:

A. Commentary and history

B. Shape, depth, and texture

C. Stylized and abstract

The terms contour and outline refer to:

A. Lines

B. Texture

C. Religious themes

The term tertiary refers to:

A. Non-representational art

B. Elements of space

C. Systems and relationships of colors

The term palette refers to:

A. 3-dimensional space

B. Shadows and shading in a painting

C. The range of colors an artist uses in a painting

The term scientific perspective means:

A. The artistic representation of 3-dimensional space on a 2-dimensional surface

B. Non-representatinal painting begun by Kandinsky

C. That an artist is painting from a roof top.

Which of the following sets of terms applies to Leonardo's Last Supper?

A. Color wheel and pointillism

B. religious theme and scientific perspective

C. Political theme and texture

The term atmospheric perspective means:

A. The painting is based on harmony, shape and balance.

B. The painting contains only complemetary colors.

C. The painting contains an optical effect portraying objects at a distance.

Turner's Burning of the House of Parliament, c. 1835, is an example of:

A. Asymetrical balance

B. Religious themes

C. Hatching and cross hatching

Emphasis and Subordination are achieved in Tanner's The Banjo Lesson, 1893, by:

A. The use of primary colors.

B. The use of mass, light, and lack of background detail

C. The use of non-representational painting techniques

Hierarchial scale refers to:

A. Using texture and space

B. Using chiaroscuro

C. Proportions of important figures in a work

Joseph Cornell created:

A. Conceptual unity in his box-like structures

B. The technique of pointillism

C. Some of the earlist oil paintings

Which of the following did Leonardo da Vinci do?

A. He created non-representational art.

B. He used chiaroscuro and the Greek Golden ratio.

C. He invented color theory.

The architect Le Corbusier used what principle in his building, Notre Dame du Haute?

A. Color theory

B. Engraving

C. Scale and Proportion

How are Hans Baldung Grien's Three Ages of Women and Death, 1510, and Audrey Flack's Wheel of Fortune, 1963, alike?

A. They are both based on the principle of rhythm.

B. The are both created with chalk on paper.

C. They are both moralizing images refered to as vanitas paintings.

Collage is:

A. The technique of pasting paper or cloth (or other materials) to canvas.

B. The technique of engraving metal to make a print.

C. The technique of drawing large scale images on a wall.

Jan van Eyck's Man in a Red Turban, 1433, is created out of what medium?

A. Acrylic on canvas

B. Fresco

C. Oil on canvas with tempera

Which of the following is a printmaking technique?

A. Collage

B. Lithography

C. Fresco

Picasso's Girl Before a Mirror, 1932, contains which of the following?

A. Atmospheric perspective

B. Chiaroscuro

C. Unity, variety, balance, and scale

Which of the following is true of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's La Gouloue at the Moulin Rouge, 1891?

A. It is made with a collage technique.

B. It was influenced by Japanese prints.

C. It is drawn with chalk, pastel, and ink on paper.

Who was one of the first artists to work with video as a medium?

A. Nam June Paik

B. Robert Rauschenberg

C. Andy Warhol

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