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akch2002, Engineer
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find the voltages VA, VB,VC,VAB,VBC,and VAC A

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find the voltages VA, VB,VC,VAB,VBC,and VAC

A R1 1000

B R2 2200

C R3 4700

V1 9
Can you upload connection details to reply this question?
If you can not upload figure, kindly describe the connections in words so that I can draw the figure.

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Do you require any clarification?
Thanks for rating excellent.I will be happy to reply any circuit question. You are most welcome.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Write the loop equations for the following circuit. Simplify the equations if necessary. Solve for the currents.

Kindly upload this question in a new thread as required by Also upload the figure along with the question as it is not visible. Mention 'for Ashok Kumar' in the beginning of the question.