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Joanne, Tutor
Category: Homework
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Experience:  BSc (Hons) Political Science
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Hi, I could really use some guidance here with the following: Discuss

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Hi, I could really use some guidance here with the following:

Discuss the contributions that Max Wertheimer made to the field of learning and cognition.

Describe the model (s) associated with Max Wertheimer.

Describe the major theoretical concepts associated with with the model (s).

Analyze the modern-day relevancy of the model (s), such as in media advertisements or education.

Thanks so much

Joanne : Hi, is there a required length for the answer?
Customer: Hi Joanne,
Customer: Sorry new to this, the range of words is from 750 to 1050. I already have some done just want verify That I am on the correct path. Thanks for your help
Joanne : Okay, let me work on it, I'll get back to you asap.
Customer: Thank you this will be a big help.
Joanne : hi
Joanne : are you still there?
Joanne : Please download the answer here:
Joanne : Let me know if you have any trouble accessing the file/ require me to make any further changes to the answer
Joanne : Otherwise, please help to rate my answer.
Joanne : I will be online, so feel free to message me.
Customer: Joanne, that looks great. And, thank you for providing references. It is good I had asked I was way off on the contributions. I wish I had come across your services before. I am over 50 and have gone back to school. Needless to say I am a little rusty. Thanks so much for your help. I will definitly use this again and I would like to use you as my tutor. Thanks so much Reid
Joanne : I am glad that you are satisfied with my work. I will be more than happy to assist you with your work in the future. Feel free to request my help anytime :)
Joanne : Meanwhile, it will be great if you can leave a positive rating for my work, as it's the only way I can receive the credit for my effort. Thank you!
Customer: Again, thanks and will do.
Joanne and other Homework Specialists are ready to help you
Hi Reid,

Thanks for your generous bonus. I forgot to say, it is wonderful and courageous of you to go back to school at this age. Don't give up and I hope you will enjoy the learning process :)