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forteacherGregonlyQuestion 17 text Question 17 4 points

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Question 17 text Question 17 4 points Save
Challenging the audience is a useful type of conclusion in persuasive speeches.
Question 17 answers
Question 18 text Question 18 4 points Save
What characteristic should be identical in both the presentation and the preparation outlines?
Question 18 answers
the structure of the main points and subpoints
the introduction and conclusion
the citation of supporting materials
the bibliography
the stage directions
Question 19 text Question 19 4 points Save
Which of the following statements is true about effective delivery?
Question 19 answers
The audience should be able to notice your excellent delivery skills.
If your delivery is too effective, it will distract from your message.
An effective delivery leads the listeners to believe that the speaker is different and more talented than they are.
An effective delivery helps the audience remember the speech.
all of these
Question 20 text Question 20 4 points Save
Style is a pattern of behavior choices which are predetermined.
Question 20 answers
Question 21 text Question 21 4 points Save
Identifying with the audience is a type of introduction that involves:
Question 21 answers
referring to experiences and values shared by the speaker and audience.
referring to members of the audience by name.
defining the target audience in the introduction.
defining the desired audience response.
referring to occasions when the speaker used good listening skills.

Question 22 text Question 22 4 points Save
Summary statements and key words like "finally" can be overused and prematurely give the listeners a sense that the speech is ending.
Question 22 answers
Question 23 text Question 23 4 points Save
Because issues in the public forum have become more complex, the grand style is used much more often nowadays than the middle style or the plain style.
Question 23 answers
Question 24 text Question 24 4 points Save
Dialect is most closely associated with which vocal quality?
Question 24 answers
Question 25 text Question 25 4 points Save
Vividness makes a speech easier to understand by using language that appeals to the senses.
Question 25 answers
Question 1 4 points Save
Which of the following font types does the text recommend for computer generated visual aids?
Question 1 answers
sans serif
Question 2 text Question 2 4 points Save
Because well-prepared visual aids indicate that the speaker has a carefully planned presentation and has taken the audience seriously, visual aids can enhance:
Question 2 answers
the speaker's ethos.
the audience's retention.
the audience's interest.
all of these
none of these
Question 3 text Question 3 4 points Save
Speeches of tribute typically combine ceremonial and deliberative goals.
Question 3 answers
Question 4 text Question 4 4 points Save
Using a clear organizational pattern in your speech is one way of creating reinforcement in your speech.
Question 4 answers
Question 5 text Question 5 4 points Save
The boomerang effect occurs when:
Question 5 answers
listeners are overwhelmed by a compelling argument and feel inadequate to bring about change.
speakers use evidence which contradicts their own arguments.
listeners give positive feedback to a speaker about the effectiveness of the persuasive appeal.
speakers use circular arguments which are not well supported by the evidence.
listeners give negative feedback to a speaker about the effectiveness of the persuasive appeal.
Question 6 text Question 6 4 points Save
Vivid details are characteristic of the informative strategy of definition.
Question 6 answers
Question 7 text Question 7 4 points Save
Explicit references to the audience, inclusive language, and a clear organizational pattern are all strategies for encouraging:
Question 7 answers
Question 8 text Question 8 4 points Save
Pie graphs best illustrate:
Question 8 answers
how variables comprise proportions or percentages of a whole.
comparisons and contrasts among one or two variables.
how one variable changes as a function of another.
how multiple variables vary in relation to each other.
how some statistics are half baked.
Question 9 text Question 9 4 points Save
A line graph is most effective in comparing and contrasting statistics.
Question 9 answers
Question 10 text Question 10 4 points Save
A toast is a miniature version of a(n):
Question 10 answers
speech of tribute.
speech marking an award.
speech of greeting.
Question 11 text Question 11 4 points Save
The speech purpose of creating positive or negative feelings relies on what strategies?
Question 11 answers
all of these
informative and persuasive only
Question 12 text Question 12 4 points Save
A nominating speech places an actor, entertainer, or politician into consideration for an award.
Question 12 answers
Question 13 text Question 13 4 points Save
When Drew gave the toast at his best friend's wedding reception, he failed to notice the shocked looks as he told some off-color stories about the happy couple's dating life. What quality of decorum did Drew violate in this example?
Question 13 answers
the toast was too long
the toast did not reflect the speaker's feelings
the audience did not like the speaker
the speech was too informal for the occasion
the emotions were too intense for the listeners
Question 14 text Question 14 4 points Save
Deliberative speaking uses the strategies of both informing and persuading.
Question 14 answers
Question 15 text Question 15 4 points Save
Phillip gave a persuasive speech about why people should not smoke. His classmate, Morris, refused to accept Phillip's arguments, even though they were well supported, because he thought Phillip was just another liberal do-gooder who wanted to curtail people's freedom. Which act of selective perception did Morris exhibit?
Question 15 answers
belittling the source
the boomerang effect
Question 16 text Question 16 4 points Save
Because occasions create constraints, speakers must limit their strategic choices to what the audience expects.
Question 16 answers
Question 17 text Question 17 4 points Save
Informing and persuading are distinctly separate goals and activities.
Question 17 answers
Question 18 text Question 18 4 points Save
Norm was asked to speak at the retirement dinner for his boss and he really wanted to make a good impression. He spoke about every good quality his boss had and embellished it until his praise was so lavish that his boss was thoroughly embarrassed. What aspect of decorum did Norm violate?
Question 18 answers
Question 19 text Question 19 4 points Save
Problem-solution speeches typically follow a four-stage structure. Which of the following is NOT one of those four stages?
Question 19 answers
propose a solution.
argue for the solution.
describe the situation.
evaluate the situation as a problem.
set the agenda
Question 20 text Question 20 4 points Save
Helga wants to show how the rate of traffic accidents changes for drivers as they advance in age. What type of visual aid would best represent this information?
Question 20 answers
decision tree
flip chart
line graph
pie graph
Question 21 text Question 21 4 points Save
The persuasive goal of conversion is much more difficult than the goal of strengthening commitment.
Question 21 answers
Question 22 text Question 22 4 points Save
Pep talks and after dinner speeches are of similar types because both pose challenges to the audience.
Question 22 answers
Question 23 text Question 23 4 points Save
According to the elaboration likelihood model, listeners who elaborate more will be more persuaded by:
Question 23 answers
shortcuts that simplify their thinking about the topic.
evidence and arguments that support the speaker's thesis.
the speaker's positive ethos.
extended narratives that support the speaker's position.
elaborate metaphors that appeal to the listener's emotions.
Question 24 text Question 24 4 points Save
Informing, persuading, and entertaining are three distinctly different kinds of speeches.
Question 24 answers
Question 25 text Question 25 4 points Save
Hobart wants to list the benefits of a new health care plan alongside the costs of such a plan. Which type of visual aid should he use to display this information?
Question 25 answers
a flowchart
a statistical chart
a bar graph
a columnar chart
a model
Thanks again for the request on these. Will work on and get to you before your stated deadline in your other message.

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