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Mr. Gregory White
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For Teacher Greg ! If Teacher Greg is not available, I have

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For Teacher Greg !

If Teacher Greg is not available, I have 10 questions that need to be answered in 15 mins that are multiple choice and very basic for American Literature.

Need completed this evening

Let me know if your interested.

Hello and thanks for the request.

Are you still Online?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Alright - I have a time block - send away and we will see what we can do - short time on this one...
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
yes, but it will be easy for you , Im sure :-) it's only 10 questions.
See below:

1. Which was NOT a reason the American Civil War was fought? (Points : 10)
access to the railway system
state's rights

2. Who were the authors of the novels "The Scarlett Letter" and "Moby Dick?" (Points : 10)
Dickinson and Whitman
Poe and Whitman
Emerson and Thoreau
Hawthorne and Melville

3. Which movement was concerned with everyday life and often depicted the lives of the slaves and the poor? (Points : 10)
The American Renaissance
American Romanticism

4. The denouement comes: (Points : 10)
after the falling action
before the climax
just after the exposition
in the sequel

5. When this writer's works were published posthumously readers were surprised because they were found to contain many sexual, blasphemous and death related topics. (Points : 10)
Walt Whitman
Emily Dickinson
Kate Chopin
Ralph Waldo Emerson

6. The protagonist is (Points : 10)
the narrator.
the evil force within the story.
always a sympathetic character.
the main character, not the same as the n arrator, although the main character can sometimes be the narrator.

7. Which of the following were considered transcendentalists? (Points : 10)
Melville and Hawthorne
Dickinson and Whitman
Poe and Dickinson
Thoreau and Emerson

8. What early American literary and philosiphical movement emaphasized the power of the individual and a personal connection with nature? (Points : 10)

9. At the time of the American Civil War the southern states' economy was primarily (Points : 10)
based on mineral resources.
based on tourism.

10. Irony is: (Points : 10)
a scheme by one character to trap another
a contrast between appearance and reality
language soothing to the ear
writing that transcends reality


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