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(Joanne Please) 7-10 slides with 200–250 words of notes

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(Joanne Please)

7-10 slides with 200–250 words of notes per slide (excluding Title & Reference slides)

Human resource (HR) professionals face the challenge of demonstrating that the role that HR plays is critical to the success of the rest of the organization.

Research and apply the course theories to a real organization, either an organization that you work for or an organization that you are able to research and find the information for this assignment.

To demonstrate how HR interacts with employees in many aspects of their work lives, choose a position within the organization that represents a large portion of the workforce.

Prepare a presentation for a training session for HR employees that addresses the following:

•Describe the different functions that HR plays within your organization, including the following:
◦Staffing management
◦Training and development
◦Compensation and benefits
◦Labor and employee relations

•Discuss how the HR department is involved in all aspects of employment, using the primary HR disciplines of the following:
◦Staffing management
◦Training and development
◦Compensation and benefits
◦Labor and employee relations

•Describe how the HR department supports the strategic goals of the organization

◦How does the HR department support the organization’s competitiveness by maintaining a highly skilled and motivated workforce?

◦In reviewing the internal processes of this HR department, identify and discuss at least 3 strategic changes that you would recommend to improve the performance of the department

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