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1. The four fields of anthropology are: biological anthropology,

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1. The four fields of anthropology are:

biological anthropology, paleoanthropology, cultural anthropology, and prehistoric archaeology.

paleoanthropology, primatology, forensics, cultural anthropology, and prehistoric archaeology.

biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, archaeology, and linguistics.

archaeology, ethnography, ethnology, and cultural anthropology.

2. The three major components of culture are:

material objects, cognitive processes, and behaviors.

technology, learned behavior, and innovation.

symbols, learned behavior, and diffusion.

inventive processes, learned behavior, and diffusion.

3. An anthropologist doing fieldwork strives to achieve the role of:

friend and teacher.

key informant.

privileged stranger.

participant observer.

4. The study of sound used in speech is called:


descriptive linguistics.



5. What model aims to understand how foragers gather food with the least expenditure of time, calories, and other factors?

Neoevolutionary models

Evolutionary-ecological models

Functionalist models

Optimal foraging models

6. A society based on the herding of animals where herds are moved to seasonal pastures is known as:

nomadic pastoralism.


sedentary pastoralism.

mixed agriculture.

7. A kinship relationship based on a marriage connection is called:





8. In what descent group do individuals trace their descent to a known ancestor?





9. Gender refers to the:

ability of an individual to produce sperm or egg.

biological designation of male and female.

sex of the individual.

assigned role of an individual within a society.

10. Introduced by Arnold Van Gennep, which term is used to describe the activities and rituals that mark important changes in individuals' social role and status?

Rites of intensification

Separation rites

Rites of passage

Reincorporating rites

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