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1.The automobile was to the 1920s what the railroad had been

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1.The automobile was to the 1920s what the railroad had been to the nineteenth century in that

1. it was both a powerful catalyst to economic growth and a symbol for the age.
2. the government regulated it strictly.
3. Americans made heroes out of automakers like Ford and Sloan, as they had the railroad builders.
4. automobile production relied on earlier forms of corporate strategies.


2.Which of the following most influenced the sense of meaninglessness and alienation that was characteristic of writers and intellectuals in the 1920s?

1. the experience of World War I
2. the decline of organized religion
3. the moral relativism of a pragmatist philosophy
4. the self-indulgence of living in freedom as an expatriate

3.The most celebrated public event of the fundamentalist-modernist conflict was ________, which resulted in ________.

1. the Scopes trial; the discrediting of fundamentalism
2. passage of the Eighteenth Amendment; a failed experiment in prohibiting the use of alcohol
3. the rebirth of the Ku Klux Klan; restrictions on immigration
4. the election of 1928; the defeat of Catholicism


4.The beginnings of political realignment were already in evidence in the returns of the election of 1928, after which the Republicans

1. lost the southern vote.
2. lost power in the cities.
3. gained strength in the industrial northeast.
4. gained support among union members.


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