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Assignment 4 Chapter 13: Exercise 13.1 p.610 Exercise

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Assignment 4

Chapter 13:
Exercise 13.1 p.610
Exercise 13.2 p. 610
Exercise 13.3 p. 610
Exercise 13.8 p. 610

13.1 Use MySQL to create a database of information about used trucks for sale, similar to the cars database used in this chapter. Make up equipment that characterizes trucks. Get the raw data from the ad section of your local newspaper. Instead of using the states in the cars database, divide your town into four sections and use them.

13.2 Modify and test the program access_cars.php to handle UPDATE and INSERT SQL commands, as well as SELECT .

13.3 Modify and test the program to handle UPDATE and INSERT SQL commands, as well as SELECT .

13.8 Write and test an ASP.NET source document and code-behind file that together request a name of a table in a database from the user and return the number of rows in the table.

Chapter 14:
Exercise 14.3 p. 653
Exercise 14.6 p. 653

14.3 Write, test, and debug (if necessary) a Ruby program with the following specification:
Input: Three names, on separate lines, from the keyboard.
Output: The input names in alphabetical order. Do not use arrays.

14.6 Write, test, and debug (if necessary) a Ruby program with the following specification
Input: A list of numbers from the keyboard.
Output: The median of the input numbers.

Chapter 15
Exercise 15.4 p. 685
Exercise 15.5 p. 685

**15.4 Build a simple Rails application that returns a static document to a requesting browser, where the static document is a brief description of you.

15.5 Build a Rails application that accepts two integer values, produces the product of the two values, and returns the product to the client.

I also will need to submit screen shots of the working code.
Hello again! Thank you for requesting me.

I will contact you once this is complete.

Thank you
Hello again!

You can download the completed assignments here:

Most of these are not very straight-forward to run on your system. The 13.1 is simple. It is just a SQL file full of the SQL for that assignment.

The PHP assignment (13.2) is also pretty straight-forward. You run it just like you would a normal PHP program. It connects to the "cars" database. If you do not already have the cars database set up, here is an SQL file to create it:

In the PHP, Java, and ASP assignments, I have the the credentials set up as "localhost" "root" and an empty password. This is the default for WAMP or XAMPP. If your system is set up differently, you will need to change the connection strings in those projects.

For the JDBC project (13.3), if you are using NetBeans, then you should do a project import. Choose to import an existing Eclipse Project. Select the radio button for importing a project rather than a workspace. Then you just select the 13.3 folde ran dimport the project.

Whether you are using Netbeans or Eclipse, you will need to make certain that your web server has access to the MySQL JDBC driver. I have included it in the lib folder, which inside of WebContent -> WEB-INF. If you are using Apache Tomcat, you should copy this JAR file and then paste it into the lib folder of your Apache installation.

If you are using Glassfish as your server, you may not need to copy the JAR file over.

If you do not successfully make the JAR file (driver) available to the web server, you will receive an error about not being able to find a driver. This should not be a concern when turning in the project, as your instructor will already have the server set up correctly. This is just a concern while you are testing on your local system.

For the ASP project, you must have the MySQL ODBC Driver installed on your computer for it to work. You can go here to download the connector. I would recommend that you install both the 64bit and 32bit versions because sometimes the 64bit version does not play well with other software. Make sure you download version 3.51.30, as this is the version used in the code for the ASP project. Once you have successfully installed the ODBC driver, it will run just like any ASP project.

Keep in mind that both the JDBC and the ASP projects are connecting to your MySQL server. So make certain that you keep your WAMP or XAMPP running when testing these, and make sure that the database connection credentials are correct for your system. They are currently set to "localhost", user "root", and no password XXXXX connecting to a database called cars.

Now for the Ruby and Rails projects. You may have attempted to download some stuff based on text book instructions for this. For windows, there is a much easier installation option that will work (whereas the books instructions will likely not work for you).

Go here and download Rails FTW. It is the first download option. When installing, make sure all three checkboxes are checked. One great thing is that this will add ruby and rails to your system path so that you can use it on the command line.

One this is installed, you can test 14.3 and 14.6

You simply go to the folder on the command line (CMD) and type in ruby filename.rb where filename is XXXXX XXXXX of the file. It will run the these two ruby projects.

Rails is more involved. Now that you have Rails FTW installed, you must install the Development Kit. You can download it here.

After you have downloaded the development kit, run it. It will ask you to extract the file to a directory. Select a directory where they have no chance of ever being deleted because you will need them.

After the extraction is done, bo back to command line (type CMD into the search dialog in the start menu or search tool in widows 8, and press enter).

Navigate to the directory where you extracted the dev kit files.

first run this line:

ruby dk.rb init

then run this line:

ruby dk.rb install

Once that is done, you are ready to run rails.

To do that, you need to navigate to the project folder for each project. First, navigate into the 15.4/describeBryant folder. Once you are in that folder, run the command:

bundle install

This command will make sure that all libraries are installed on your system to run this project.

When that process finishes, you will need to run:

rail s

This starts the WebBrick web server, which is the web server for rails. It runs on port 3000. So you can now test this project by going to:


Once you have viewed that, go back to the command line and press CTRL-C to stop the rails server. Then navigate to the second project in 15.5/bryant155

Once again, run

bundle install

Just to make certain all requirements are instaleld. Then run:

rails s

Then you can test this one by going to:


Enter numbers and press enter and you will get the product.

Sorry for the tons of instructions. However, running JDBC, ODBC, and Rails is much more involved then simply opening a project. You must get your environment set up correctly. Alternatively, you can simply turn in the code that I have provided you. I assure you that it is all functional and meets the requirements.

Let me know if you have any issues. I'm here to help.

Please remember to rate my answer. Thank you so much!
Hello again!

I realize that this was a ton of instructions. It was also a ton of work. If you have difficulty testing anything, let me know and I will do my best to help you.

Please remember to rate my answer. Thank you again!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hey thanks again for all your work great job once again! side note do you do web design like on a website?

Hello again,

I do web development and have worked on many different web sites. I am not permitted to list any of them. However, if you require assistance, you can certainly enter a new question, remembering to start it with **For TheDoctor**

Please remember to rate my answer. Thank you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok thanks so if I ask for you to do some website edits I can do it through here? I would just have to give you the server info and what needs to be done?



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