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IQ scores are an example of what type of scale of measurement?

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IQ scores are an example of what type of scale of measurement? Explain your answer. The underlying variable of IQ scores or intelligence would be an example of what type of scale? Explain your answer. Discuss your answers and how they relate to each other

I will post the answer asap

Since IQ is a quantitative variable (continuous) its scale can be Interval or ratio level

The difference betwween ratio and Interval level is that the ratio level needs a clear definition of 0.

If we allow a person to have a 0 IQ the answer is Ratio scale

If we suppose that nobody has a 0 IQ (that makes sense) the answer is Interval scale

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Just so I am clear, will you please tell me the underlying variable of IQ or intelligence (2nd part of the original question)?


Is this variable quantitative?


Feels like the professor is asking the same question twice



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