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Which of the following pairings is correct? Berthe Marisot

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Which of the following pairings is correct?
Berthe Marisot – Cubist
Émile Zola – Abstractionist
Vasily Kandinsky – Abstract
Gustav Flaubert – Romanticism
The Boer War:
was caused by German refusal to stop arming the Boers.
was the result of the discovery of gold and diamonds in the Boer Transvaal.
established East Africa as an independent nation.
settled all animosities between the British and the Afrikaners.
had been granted to foreigners in China since the last years of the Ming Dynasty.
was granted to Americans in Japan by the terms of the treaty of 1858.
was granted to Chinese residents in the United States in 1849.
was refused by the Meiji government as contrary to international law.
All of the following statements are correct about the Great Depression EXCEPT:
the stock market crash in the United States led to the withdrawal of American investments in Europe thus weakening the European banking system.
economic depressions were a new phenomena in the European experience.
during the depression women were often able to secure low-paying jobs and servants and housekeepers while many men remained unemployed.
the classical liberal remedies for depressions were balanced budgets, cutting costs, and raising tariffs, all of which only worsened the crisis.
The Truman Doctrine:
involved direct Soviet economic aid to Greece and Turkey.
stated that the United States would provide aid for any nation that was being threatened by communist subversion.
was the basis for substantial United States aid to India and Iran.
tolerated a limited expansion of Communist control over areas of the Middle East.
Mao’s "Little Red Book":
became available only after Deng Xiaoping assumed power.
superseded all other learning sources during the Cultural Revolution.
was banned during the Cultural Revolution.
codified specific scientific theorems and postulates.
In Latin America since 1950:
Mexico is the only major Latin American state that has not seen a massacre of protesting students or workers by government police and/or troops.
the Soviet Union’s role in the Cuban Missile Crisis convinced the Castro regime it did not need to try to create allied regimes in the Western Hemisphere.
import-substituting industrialization often led to increased government funding of economic development because of a lack of available private capital, either domestic or foreign.
no Marxist politician achieved national power.
The conflict that developed between East and West Pakistan, and eventually led to the establishment of the state of Bangladesh, was caused by:
competition over internal development of the nation’s natural resources.
differences in language, history, and ethnic tradition.
many years of international warfare between the two regions.
the demand of the people of East Pakistan to establish an independent Marxist state.
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