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Mr. Gregory White
Mr. Gregory White, Professor
Category: Homework
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Experience:  M.A., M.S. Education / Educational Administration
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Please answer these critical thinking Questions by using only

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Please answer these critical thinking Questions by using only the text, Microbiology by Robert W. Bauman. Due date is tomorrow. 1. A microbiologist describes an organism as a chemoheterotrophic, aerotolerant, mesophillic, facultatively halophillic bacillus. Describe the organism's metabolic and structural features in plain English. 2. Pasteurization is a technique that uses temperature of about 72 degrees Celcius to neutralize potential pathogen in foods. What effect does this temperature have on the emzymes and cellular metabolism of pathogens ? Why does the heat of pasteurization kill some micro-organisms yet fail to affect thermophiles / 3. If two cultures of a facultative anaerobe were grown under identical conditions except that one was exposed to oxygen and the other one was completely deprived of oxygen, what differences would you expect to see between the dry weights of the cultures? Why? 4. Some organisms require riboflavin (vitamin B2) to make FAD. For what purpose do they use FAD ? 5. Explain why an insertion of three nucleotides is less likely to result in a deleterious effect than an insertion of a single nucleotide ? 6. Suppose that E. coli sustains a mutation in its gene for the lac operon repressor such that the repressor is ineffective. What effect would this have on the bacterium's ability to catabolize lactose? Would the mutant strain have an advantage over wild-type cells? explain your answer. 7. Why is DNA polymerase so named ? 8. How could scientists use siRNA to turn off a cancer-inducing gene ? I AM WILLING TO GIVE A BONUS. Thanks

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Mr. Gregory White, Professor
Category: Homework
Satisfied Customers: 5240
Experience: M.A., M.S. Education / Educational Administration
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