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1. (TCO 1) What are some challenges of the future that point

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1. (TCO 1) What are some challenges of the future that point to importance of teams? (Points : 5)
Information Age
A and B

2. (TCO 1) Which of the following is NOT TRUE about teams and teamwork? (Points : 5)
Experimenting with failures leads to better teams.
Teams are not always the answer.
Conflict among team members is always a bad thing.
Strong leadership is not always necessary for strong teams.

3. (TCO 1) A leader has two main functions: (Points : 5)
A design function and a coaching function
An analyze and improve function
To take the team on retreats and to teach teams to compete
To control the team and to make decisions

4. (TCO 2) KSAs include: (Points : 5)
Conflict resolution
Collaborative problem solving
All of the above

5. (TCO 2) Deindividuation is: (Points : 5)
A psychological state in which a person does not feel individual responsibility.
A psychological state in which a person does not set their own performance goals.
A psychological state in which a person does not realize they are not doing their fair share.
None of the above.

6. (TCO 2) Choking under pressure occurs: (Points : 5)
when a resource has an unstable personality
when a person’s performance declines despite incentives for optimal performance
production and delivery affects decision making
machine errors and human errors affect decision making

7. (TCO 2) Gainsharing is: (Points : 5)
geared toward production-oriented workers
easy to implement
risky if base pay is reduced
none of the above

8. (TCO 2) Inflation bias is: (Points : 5)
when we perceive other information we learn about a person in line with our initial perceptions
an appraisal cost
when employees are primarily motivated by extrinsic incentives
when raters positively distort performance ratings when they anticipate giving feedback to rates

9. (TCO 3) Transformational leadership: (Points : 5)
depends on the leader’s power to reinforce subordinates for their successful completion of the task.
views leadership as either a matter of contingent reinforcement of followers or the moving of followers beyond their self-interests.
highly involved in team activities.
focuses on a continuum of behavior ranging from entirely autocratic to purely democratic.

10. (TCO 4) Groups pass through five stages of group development that include: (Points : 5)
dependency and inclusion, trust and structure
role negotiation
status competition
pseudostatus characteristics

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