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A defendants guilty plea must be A. knowing and voluntary.

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A defendant's guilty plea must be

A. knowing and voluntary.

B. exculpatory and sensate.

C. inculpatory and cognitive.

D. volitional and exculpatory.
Hello, my name is Greg.

Is this the only question you have today or are there more to this set? If more, please post so I can take a look at the complete set.

What is the deadline to get the answer back to you?

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

As soon as possible. Its a homework assignment and Im not able to find the answer in my textbook.



No problem - I understand.

The answer to this question is

A - Knowing and voluntary.

Feel free to request me anytime. Just put "For TeacherGreg" at the front of your post or, even better, bookmark my weblink at and use the question box on my page - still put the "For TeacherGreg" in the front of the post so it is directly sent to me.

All the best in your studies and have a wonderful rest of the week.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have two more questions. are you able to help me with these as well/ Thank you

Under the __________ Amendment, a criminal defendant has a right to confront and cross-examine prosecution witnesses.

A. Fourth
B. Fifth
C. Sixth
D. Seventh

A criminal defendant has a ___________ Amendment privilege not to testify at trial.

A. Fifth
B. Eighth
C. Tenth
D. Thirteenth

Sure thing

8. C. Sixth amendment
9. A. Fifth amendment


Request me again anytime. Be sure to rate my responses when satisfied.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Which of the following are most consistent with incapacitation?

A. Drug treatment, indeterminate sentences, and parole
B. Banishment, life imprisonment, and the death penalty
C. Indefinite sentences, probation, and parole
D. Indefinite sentences, indeterminate sentences, and probation

The oldest theory of punishment is:

A. rehabilitation.
B. deterrence.
C. incapacitation.
D. retribution.

Discrepancy in sentencing caused by different laws in different jurisdictions or judicial attitudes toward sentencing is called sentencing:

A. discrimination.
B. discreteness.
C. dexterity.
D. disparity.

14. B. Banishment, life imprisonment, and the death penalty
15. D. retribution.
16.D. disparity.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Question 18 of 20

Beginning in the 1960s and 1970s, both liberals and conservatives began calling for __________ in sentencing.



A. more emphasis on rehabilitation


B. more punishment for drug offenders


C. decreasing judicial discretion


D. decreasing use of mandatory minimums


Question 19 of 20

Capital punishment research on the offender-victim racial dyad established that cases involving __________ were more likely to result in the death penalty as compared to other dyads.



A. black offenders and white victims


B. white offenders and white victims


C. black offenders and black victims


D. white offenders and black victims


18. A. more emphasis on rehabilitation
19. A. black offenders and white victims

Be sure to rate my response when satisfied so I receive credit. Request me again anytime.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.



__________ consumes more appellate judge time than any other appellate activity.



A. Oral argument


B. Conferences


C. Ruling on motions


D. Writing opinions

D. Writing opinions

I hope you were satisfied with my help. Request me again anytime.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The first step in the appeal process is filing

A. pro hac vice.

B. appeal writ.

C. petition to vacate.

D. notice of appeal.

D. notice of appeal.

How many more questions do we have as you stated there were just a couple more quite a few ago. I need an idea of how many more due to my schedule.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have about 10 more. Not sure what you have time for. I can send them too and when you have a chance you can respond. Whatever works for you.



Please send all of them at once so I can complete them for you quickly.

I am always happy to help but just want to ensure we have an end in sight.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Question 5

The situation where a case is heard by all the judges on the appellate court is called a/an __________ hearing.



A. de facto


B. corpus delicti


C. mandamus


D. en banc


Question 6

The written legal arguments filed with the appellate court are called:



A. notices.


B. action documents.


C. briefs.


D. contentions.


Question 7

A court that must hear an appeal has __________ appellate jurisdiction of that appeal.



A. compulsory


B. contingent


C. mandatory


D. presumptive


Question 8

On the criminal side, lower courts do not have jurisdiction over which one of the following types of trials?



A. Felonies


B. Traffic violations


C. Ordinance violation


D. Misdemeanors


Question 9

An appeal that takes the form of a totally new trial is called an appeal by:



A. a successive venire.


B. trial de novo.


C. petit jury.


D. certiorari.


Question 10

Under the Sixth Amendment, defendants have a right to a jury trial only if the offense is punishable by imprisonment of more than __________ months.



A. one


B. two


C. six


D. twelve


Question 11

According to researcher Malcolm Feeley, in lower courts the __________ is the punishment.



A. fine


B. judge's behavior


C. lack of rights


D. process


Question 12

The acronym ADR stands for:



A. Affirmative Disposition Rehabilitation.


B. Associated Dispute Rectification.


C. Alternative Dispute Resolution.


D. Active Differential Reification.


Question 13

Which of the following is NOT a recommendation of court reformers?



A. Abolish non-lawyer judges


B. Increase the use of trial de novo


C. Create a single trial court statewide


D. Increased training for lower court judges


Question 14

Anthony Platt argues that the Child Saving Movement was fuled by __________ conflict.



A. international economic


B. fundamental legal


C. political party


D. religious, ethnic, and class


Question 15

A heavily disproportionate number of juveniles transferred to adult court are:



A. white females.


B. immigrant males.


C. Hispanic females.


D. black males.


Question 16

Most juveniles transferred to adult court are charged with __________ offenses.



A. drug


B. sex


C. alcohol


D. violent


Question 17

In 1967, in the __________ decision, the U.S. Supreme Court held that juvenile courts must provide due process.



A. Robinson


B. Cramer


C. Altgelt


D. Gault


Question 18

The federal Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act of 1974 mandated __________ of status offenders.



A. psychological evaluations


B. incarceration


C. bail


D. deinstitutionalization


Question 19

Over the years, juvenile courts have increasingly come to resemble __________ courts.



A. criminal


B. equity


C. chancery


D. administrative


Question 20

In contrast to the criminal courtroom workgroup, in the juvenile courtroom workgroup:



A. the judge has less discretion.


B. the prosecutor has little power.


C. defense attorneys have more power.


D. probation officers and experts play a greater role.



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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thank you for all your help. Do you help with courses such as ethics in the Justice System?


Thank you so much!

I sure do! Law, Ethics, and Business are my main areas.


When you request just put "For TeacherGreg" at the start of your post so that it is routed to me and the other professionals know you are seeking my services.

If you have timed assignments, it is best to start a post and arrange it in advance to ensure we can arrange our schedules.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Excellent thanks for your help!!

No problem. Any time!

Customer: replied 4 years ago.


4. Which of the following is NOT a true statement about pluralism?



A. Law is representative of the ruling classes only.


B. Interest groups influence law.


C. Powerful groups in society define law.





egal moralism is best used to justify laws against:



A. prostitution.


B. speeding.


C. panhandling.


D. driving without a license.

D. Power changes hands over time in a society.

Hello again.

If you have another question set, you will need to post on a new thread as I, as per policy here, am not allowed to answer a new set here.

Just put "For TeacherGreg Only" at the start of the post and be sure to post all the questions needed (along with the deadline) in the post itself so I know how much I need to complete and by what deadline.

Thanks and I look forward to the chance to help in your studies.