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Cher, Teacher
Category: Homework
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Experience:  Teacher, Tutor--40+ yrs. Masters Degree. Senior Internet Researcher
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For cher its John, i need help with that last pennfoster music

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For cher its John, i need help with that last pennfoster music apprication exam.. will $40.00 work for you, u know i will give u a bonus i always do. Its only 40 questions. PLEASE!!
Hi again, John and thanks for requesting me once again.

You are in need of the last exam which is 40 questions--the 'final'? Please let me know the exam number, just to be sure.

I can send this to you, but because PF frequently changes the questions on this exam, the question order and multiple choices, I'm letting you know it might not be the exact exam you have.

I will send it to you and if there are other questions on your particular exam which do not appear on the one I send, please let me know and I will answer those for you, as well.

Best regards,

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi cher, the exam number is XXXXX

Hi again, John.

Thanks for the exam number.

I'll have it for you shortly.

Best regards,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you so much!

Hi again, John and you're most welcome!

Please click here to view my answers for comparison with your own, before submitting.

As I mentioned, if the exam you have includes some different questions than this one, please let me know the questions and I will answer them for you. Make sure to go over each question and the answer choices on your exam carefully, before entering any of the answers I'm sending, to be sure you are using the correct letter of the multiple choice, as they might differ.

Please let me know after you've downloaded the file successfully and saved it to your computer.

Please take a moment to Rate with Positive Feedback (Laughing), as that is the only way in which I am credited by the site for my time, work and expertise.

Bonuses are also always greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Please let me know if you have any questions about my answer or need additional information before rating, by clicking 'Reply', and I will be happy to continue our conversation.

To request me for future questions, simply type "For Cher" to begin your post and I will answer, asap.

Best regards,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Im at work till 5pm, so once im home i will compare your answers to mine.. Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX rate you as i always do once i look at the compare of the two. Talk to you tonight. Thanks again

You're most welcome, John.

Have you downloaded the file yet, or will you do this when you get home from work, tonight? I just want to make sure the file came through alright.

Best regards,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I will download the file once i get home, cant download it at work, can get in trouble. I should be home by 6pm, i will message u back as soon as i compare i promise.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Here are the questions


1. Alphonsus wants to include unified timbre in part of his cantata. How will this be accomplished?
A. The violins will have a solo and will all play harmony notes.
B. The chorus will sing in unison while the orchestra plays an accompaniment.
C. The instruments in the orchestra will play the same notes that the chorus is singing.
D. The orchestra will play in unison while the chorus sings in harmony.
2. Music sung without instrumental accompaniment is usually referred to by the term
A. a capella.
B. ordo virtutum
C. countersubject
D. figured bass
3. _______ is a joining of two influences, European and African.
A. Blues
B. Rhythm and blues
C. Hip hop
D. Jazz
4. Which of the following composers wrote The Four Seasons?
A. Vivaldi
B. Bach
C. Handel
D. Verdi
5. A _______ is a duple-meter dance associated with square dancing.
A. hoedown
B. stomp
C. broadside
D. corrido
6. Tony says that a distinguishing characteristic of the Stradivarius violin is the nature of the wood from
which it's made. Shin Lee says that it's the shape of the f holes that gives the instrument its distinct
characteristic. Who is correct?
A. Only Tony is correct.
B. Both Tony and Shin Lee are correct.
C. Only Shin Lee is correct.
D. Neither Tony nor Shin Lee is correct.
7. The estampie and the saltarello are two forms of
A. syllabic text-setting.
B. African musical instruments.
C. medieval dances.
D. Italian musical instruments.
8. Henri wants to indicate in the musical score that all the instruments should play. What word will he write
in the score?
A. Coda
B. Da Capo
C. Tutti
D. All
9. "Erlkönig" is one of the hundreds of songs written by
A. Schubert.
B. Haydn.
C. Schumann
D. Chopin.
10. The _______ of a song are often referred to as stanzas.
A. verses
B. beats
C. measures
D. notes
11. The character of a sound is referred to as its
A. line.
B. timbre.
C. texture.
D. pitch.
12. What term is used to describe the combination of contrasting melodies played at the same time?
A. polyrhythm
B. counterpoint
C. round
D. imitation
13. Bach's Cantata no. 140 is an intricate reconstruction of a
A. Baroque operetta.
B. popular ballet tune.
C. patriotic song.
D. well-known hymn.
14. Which step of a minor scale is slightly lower than in the corresponding step of a major scale?
A. Seventh
B. Fourth
C. Fifth
D. Third
15. Which one of the following is the name used for a Javanese instrumental group?
A. Cantor
B. Gamelan
C. Kajar
D. Mambo
16. The combination of antecedent and consequent units that make a larger whole is called the
A. punctuation.
B. full cadence.
C. periodic phrase structure.
D. theme and variations form.
17. The second movement of a symphony is usually written in _______ form.
A. A B A
B. A B C
C. A B C A
D. A B C D
18. Who wrote The Nutcracker?
A. Felix Mendelssohn
B. Piotr Tchaikovsky
C. Boris Gudonov
D. Alexandr Pushkin
19. The term ritornello refers to the main theme of a
A. suite.
B. concerto grosso.
C. sonata.
D. virtuoso cadenza.
20. Which one of the following is an example of an oratorio?
A. The Four Seasons
B. Coronaton of Poppea
C. Messiah
D. Cantata no. 97
21. When the singers and band repeat a basic section of music while the lead singer improvises on a single
motif, the result is called a
A. vamp.
B. twist.
C. groove.
D. hook.
22. The term melody refers to a pattern of
A. beats.
B. instruments.
C. notes.
D. tempos.
23. One of the key components of the double-exposition concerto form is the
A. cadenza.
B. chorale.
C. theme.
D. single exposition.
24. _______ is designed for performance in an intimate setting.
A. Opera buffa
B. Chamber music
C. Opera seria
D. Symphony
25. Who wrote Don Giovanni?
A. Mozart
B. Haydn
C. Beethoven
D. Handel
26. A _______ is a melodic pattern in Indian music designed to express or produce a specific feeling.
A. karnataka
B. raga
C. tala
D. tabla
27. In music, the Italian term for "loud" is
A. forte.
B. piano.
C. mezzo .
D. fortissimo.
28. The term _______ refers to the variety of short piano forms comprising Frederic Chopin's repertory.
A. ballad
B. impromptu fantasy
C. arial
D. character piece
29. The _______ voice is the highest voice in vocal music.
A. soprano
B. tenor
C. bass
D. alto
30. A _______ scale consists of five notes.
A. shaded
B. pentatonic
C. major
D. monotonic
31. The text of an opera is called the
A. libretto.
B. buffa.
C. program.
D. vibrato.
32. Which one of the following composers sometimes featured American folk melodies in his
A. Aaron Copland
B. Xavier Cugat
C. John Coltrane
D. Charlie Parker
33. Another word for the "color" of music is
A. timbre.
B. tone.
C. texture.
D. dynamics.
34. Verdi uses three distinct types of melody in La Traviata, Act 1: declamatory, virtuosic, and
A. ostinato.
B. twelve tone.
C. lyrical.
D. staccato.
35. A/An _______ is an unstaged opera on a sacred topic.
A. cantata
B. chorus
C. coronation
D. oratorio
36. The Italian word for "prayer hall," which refers to a piece of music that includes recitatives, arias, and
choruses, is
A. operetta.
B. opera buffa.
C. oratorio.
D. opera.
37. What is the pattern of the Standard Song Form?
A. A B B A
B. A B A C
C. A B A B
D. A A B A
38. The pitch produced by a clarinet is modified by the use of
A. keys.
B. slides.
C. mutes.
D. reeds.
39. Eldon says that Berry Gordy founded Motown records to produce big band recording artists. Will says
that Gordy founded Motown to produce R&B musicians. Who is correct?
A. Neither Eldon nor Will is correct.
B. Only Will is correct.
C. Both Eldon and Will are correct.
D. Only Eldon is correct.
40. Which of the following is the name for the main tune in jazz?
A. Sequence
B. Stanza
C. Head
D. Improvisation

Ok, John. Sounds good!

Oh, I was just about to send this when I saw you sent me the questions. I'll go over them and see which are the same and which are different from what I already sent you.

I'll look forward to hearing from you later. Remind me, are you Pacific Time? I'm Eastern.

As you know, I'm always here, but if I should be away from the computer when you post back, be assured I will return shortly. Laughing

Best regards,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I live in Wisconsin, so im centeral time. its 434pm right now, i look forward to hearing back from you with the answers thanks

Thanks, John! I should have known from your username--Wisconsin! But, then again, one must never 'assume' anything! Laughing

Speak to you later,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i get home just now, and the link u sent me is private, and says to log in, your goin to have to send the link again sorry

Hi John,

I made that link private because it is not the exam you sent me, so you can't use it. I'm working on the questions you sent me and will send that as a separate file when it's completed, which should be soon. The exam you sent does not include many of the questions I had for the exam I've answered in the past, because PF is always changing their exams, as I mentioned.

I'll be back in touch with you as soon as the exam is completed and send you a brand new file with the answers.

Best regards,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

oh sorry, and thank you :)

You're most welcome! No need to apologize. : )

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

its 730am, i am hoping that i can have the exam lol, by 10pm. :) :). I do thank you for doing this and helpin me out


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

:(, as i was saving it, and looking at it, your missing numbers 26 to 31 in the file it was blank, it went frm number 25 to 32

That's weird.......Let me check my file and see what happened. I'll send you numbers 26-32 in another file. I don't know why that happened. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i refreshed it and they were there, but number 28 is D not B, so i got a 98%, thank you

Hi again, John.

I was just about to send you the 'missing' ones, when you posted before me! lol

Thanks for letting me know the correction and you're more than welcome! 98% is a great grade!

Best regards,

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

okay, please send that one thing where i rate you :)

Hi again, John.

You should see a 'Ratings Box' on the page with my last Answer and a 'Submit' button. If the Ratings Box and/or Submit button is missing, please let me know what Rating you have chosen ("Excellent Service" is the highest) and how much of a bonus you would like to include, and I will have a Moderator accomplish this for you.


Best regards,

Hi again, John.

I see you found the Ratings Box! Thanks very much for your Excellent rating and your most generous bonus; they are greatly appreciated!

Have a great weekend!

Best regards,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Thanks, John!

I hope we get to work together again in the near future! Please feel free to request me by name at any time!

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Best regards,

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