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What is likely the measured acceleration of mass1?

Customer Question

3 physics lab question:
1. You have a new set of data from Atwood's Machine with the setup from the experiment as outlined in the lab manual. You get a trend-line whose equation is
y = 0.2408 x + 0.016. What is likely the measured acceleration of mass1 if mass1 = 0.0949 [kg] and mass2 = 0.1111 [kg]? (use 3 sig figs)
I finally came up with answer using: (m2-m1)g = (m2+m1)a + 2(friction), friction = 0.016???
This was wrong. What am I missing?
2. What would happened to the slope of Applied Force vs. Acceleration for an Atwood's Machine just like the one we used in lab, if the total system mass was increased?
a. The slope would have stayed the same because the force required and acceleration measured would change proportionally, leaving a slope the same as before
b. The slope would decrease because the same force would give rise to less acceleration thus reducing the slope of F vs. a.
c. The slope would have increased because the slope represents the total system mass.
d. The slope would have increased because it would required less force to obtain the same accelerations.
e. The slope would increase because the slope represents the friction in the bearings; and that would increase.
I answered a thinking the force and total weight would be proportional. Wrong. I suppose I need to take into account increase friction, so e? But the way e is worded doesn't make sense to me either.
3. I need to insert a pic of a graph...
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Homework

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