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hi looking for someone that might be able to explain to me

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hi looking for someone that might be able to explain to me what Erasmus's distinctive vision of reformed christianity and central features of his plan were as he laid it out in his Godly Feast colloquie.

I had read the Godly Feast several times and cannot grasp this information. thanks

Ray Atkinson :

Desiderius Erasmus felt that his contemporary, Martin Luther, was right about the changes that needed to be made to the Catholic Church, but disagreed with him in his insistence that faith alone was sufficient for salvation.
This choice of taking neither side in a very polarizing situation made him rather unpopular with either side.
He was part of a movement that states that we are made in God's image, so we are humans for a reason. We have our own desires, goals, and free will because God wanted it that way. This is part of what is called Christian Humanism, and Godly Feast reflects this. It also stresses that we are supposed to be happy with our lives, not miserable as sinners.

  • Early in the essay, he spends time pointing out the folly of city life and that nature can teach of the goodness of God, not just from "the very priests and monks." The enjoyment of nature is in line with Humanism. So does, the garden "to feast the eyes, refresh the nostrils, restore the soul."

  • The scene about the stream being callously misused, but only is if is not used as God intended is all about misusing the lives we are given and the Scripture given to us.

  • The property included garden, meadow, aviary, apiary, library, chapel, study, and galleries for Old Testament history, new Testament history, Church and secular history, all overlooking the marvelous natural vistas before them. This shows vividly how Humanism feels about how the soul delights in more than just scripture.

  • No statement says it better than the description of the property as "A place fit for a deity." Not fit for a king, but a deity. Humanism stresses that we are children of deity, made in the image of God, so have an amazing worth just from that one fact.


thanks this helps, I may have more questions at some point ! thanks your explanation was way better than I could find...I even read the essential erasmus which did not help that much :-)

Ray Atkinson :

I'm glad that I could help. Please remember to rate my answer so I get credit for it.

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