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Using your teams database, add the following: 1.DCL statements

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Using your team's database, add the following:

1.DCL statements to create the login, user, role and assign the specified permissions for just the Clerk outlined in P2 DB. Don’t forget to map the login to the user and assign the role to the user you create. Hint--use these steps:

a.CREATE LOGIN to create the MySQL login
b.CREATE USER to create the user, map the login to this user
c.CREATE ROLE to create the role
d.GRANT, DENY, REVOKE to assign permissions to that role
e.assign role to user created in step b
2.Queries to satisfy these two report requests (use your CCI database):

a.Retrieve all rows of active inventory where current on hands is less than minimum level. Create a field in the results that computes the difference between the max and current on hands. Name this field "ReorderQuantity". Include vendor info to make reordering easier. --Hint: see page 110 in the Visual Quickstart textbook.

b.Number of all Vendors that are not the preferred vendor that supply products for CategoryId 2. Exclude all disabled products and those introduced into the system prior to 2007.
3.A list of all suggested indexes and script to create those indexes. Provide a brief explanation on indexes. Include an explanation on how you made your decision as to which indexes you created.

4.A Stored Procedure that does the following: it accepts three parameters called Category, InventoryLevel and IntroDate. The output should list all Inventories where the current quantity is below the specified InventoryLevel for the specified Category. It should exclude any Inventories that are time stamped prior to the supplied IntroDate parameter. Name the stored procedure appropriately and provide the script to create it. Also, supply the script to call this new stored procedure passing it parameter values of your choice.
Please make the following Forums in your Team’s DB:

•Communications - use this for introductions, scheduling chats, dividing up work, cracking the whip, etc…
•Table Design - discuss the Diagrams and agree on a common design
•DCL - Discussion for Item #1 of group portion
•Queries – Discussion for Item #2 of group portion
•Indexes - Discussion for Item #3 of group portion
•Stored Proc – Discussion for Item #4 of group portion

I will send you the cci database and pdf team diagram
Hello again! Thank you for requesting me.

Please send me whatever files you have. Zip them up and upload them to

Once uploaded, you will be given a link on the right. Click on the 'Copy Link' option and then paste it here.

Thank you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So this is a continuation of the NW database projects we have been working on together?


What you sent me was the work I sent you for the NW database.


Also, that last part, about creating Forums, has to do with your courseroom, not your actual database assignment.


Do you have a new database called CCI? If so, you haven't sent it to me.


Until you reply, I am going to assume that the ERD is the required database. However, I am confused about why you sent me one of the projects that I sent you. You sent me a bunch of queries for the NW database that I had sent you in a previous question.


If you were supposed to send me queries or the CCI database instead, you sent me the wrong thing.


Thank you

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Do u still have my last few assignment? My main computer is down. I am using laptop spare one right now.

Yes, I have them all.

But what is the CCI database? We have been using he Northwind database.

Are they the same thing?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes, they are the same thing. This class is to develop CCI database. It is a continue project.

Alright, the CCI database that you modeled in the PDF has a vendors table. The Northwind database does not have a vendors table.

The only thing you sent me was a copy of an assignment that I sent you in a previous question.

So would you like me to create a CCI database, or have you already created one? If you have already created one, you didn't send me the SQL for it, you sent me a previous assignment that I sent you.


According to the instructions you pasted, you should have created a CCI database in a previous assignment. The model you sent in the PDF has a few different issues.


I will create a CCI database that basically fits that model. However, since you didn't send me anything, the CCI database doesn't have any data. So the queries that are required won't return anything.


And I cannot simply write these queries for the Northwind database, because the queries will be different and they won't meet the assignment requirements.


I will do the best I can with what I have. It would be extremely useful if I had the database that the requirements state should have been created in a previous assignment.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Just do your best because this is a group assignment.


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