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•Describe three ways that you personally use the Windows 7

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•Describe three ways that you personally use the Windows 7 taskbar. Explain whether or not you find the taskbar to be useful in performing your work. If you do not use the Windows 7 taskbar, explain three different reasons why you don’t utilize this tool.

•Windows 7 comes with a number of themes that can enhance your user experience, because you can change these themes based on your personal preferences. Explain whether or not these themes enhance your own Windows 7 experience in terms of style, use of color, and configurability. Explain why or why not.
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I use the Windows 7 taskbar in multiple different ways during the course of my day.

  1. There are a few programs I constantly run in the background. These are Outlook (to get my email) and ITunes (because I usually listen to music as I work) . When I start my day, I start these programs up, then drag them to the left side of the taskbar so they are “out of the way”. The programs I’m actively working in, like Word and Excel then pop up on the right side of the taskbar so I can easily flip between them.
  2. I sometimes have multiple documents open at a time in Word or Excel. When I hover over the icons for those programs, I can find the specific documents I want and flip between them. The “application grouping” in the Windows 7 taskbar is one of my favorite things about it.
  3. I “pin” frequently used applications to my taskbar. While the Start Menu is easy to use, it’s even easier to pin the programs that I’m in and out of all day, like Chrome, Notepad, and Steam.

I do use the Windows 7 themes. In general, I like my desktop and work environment to be fairly clean and uncluttered. I don’t like any themes that have elaborate background pictures or bright colors; my preference is for a fairly conservative and professional desktop. This helps me to stay focused and not be distracted by complicated graphics. On all of my computers I use a custom theme with a particular solid color (currently blue for my laptop and purple for my desktop), no system sounds, and a black or simple “Windows” screensaver. Using a different color for each system is important. I sometimes use remote desktop to connect to my desktop while working on my laptop. Having different colored themes is a constant reminder of which system I’m working on.

Technical difficulties: I had to look up the precise definition of the “taskbar” to see if the Start Menu and notifications area are included in its definition. I also had to check my Windows Themes to see how I’d customized them, and it took me a minute to find the right place in the control panel.

How I can use this in real life: customizing your computer is a surprisingly important part of usability. It’s good to remind yourself of the changes you can make to your work environment. Not being irritated by annoying system sounds, and making sure that your desktop is pleasing and common tasks are easy to perform can make a huge difference to your workday.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

is this both questions or just one.


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