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R.R. Jha
R.R. Jha, Tutor
Category: Homework
Satisfied Customers: 5471
Experience:  B.Tech
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Hey, LogicPro! I have a Computer Science question that builds

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Hey, LogicPro! I have a Computer Science question that builds upon your work in this assignment:

however, i cannot fit the long form of it in this small question box on your personal page, and when I tried to post it on the more general "ask your question" page, it kept giving me another tutor besides you.

where can i post the long form of my question that you can see all of it?
Welcome back
You can ask me anytime using "For LogicPro only" at the start of your questions at my profile page:

It will ensure that question is for me.

If you have any file(s). Zip, upload the file to and post download link here.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

"For LogicPro Only"

Like the question here , it would be best if your answer used only "first principles," without any built in classes or libraries invoked.

Also, the question below references a "Clock" object. This is the same ClockObject from the assignment I linked above, if that helps your work at all.

Anyway, your timely help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

Here is the assignment:


Make a Java program, PlaygroundSim, that solves the following problem:

-On a flat playground, there are a bunch of stationary flagpoles (of negligible diameter), and a bunch of playground balls (one foot in diameter); for reference, we'll assume the center of the playground is at the point ( x, y ) = ( 0, 0 ). At time ( hours, minutes, seconds) = ( 0, 0, 0.0 ) all the balls are kicked with different velocities. Via discrete simulation of the system, your program should output:

* An initial report showing the locations of all objects, including the velocities of the balls.

* After every time slice, a report showing the location of every ball.

* Either a final report indicating the first ball-ball or ball-flagpole collision, giving the simulated time and the objects involved, or NO COLLISION IS POSSIBLE, giving the simulated time at which the program made that discovery.

-Data about each flagpole will be given to your program via three consecutive args, namely the letter F, followed by x- and y-coordinates, measured in feet.

-Data about each ball will be given to your program via five consecutive args, namely the letter B, followed by x- and y-coordinates for the ball's starting position, measured in feet, followed by the speeds in the x- and y-directions, measured in feet per second.

-The final arg, if present, specifies the time slice in seconds; if missing, your program should default it to sixty seconds.

-As always, your program should verify the validity of the args.

-A typical invocation of your program might look like this:

java PlaygroundSim F 0 0 F -1.5 -2.5 B 300 300 -1 -2 B 5 10 3 6 F 14.3 -15 10.0

which indicates three flagpoles at (0,0), (-1.5,-2.5), and (14.3,-15); one ball starting at (300,300) which moves at the rate of one foot west and two feet south per second; a second ball starting at (5,10) which moves at the rate of three feet east and six feet north per second; with the simulation to be carried out using a ten second time slice.

What is the deadline?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

At the earliest, it can be turned about 20 hours from now. The latest possible deadline is end of the day Thursday.


However, if this is too restrictive a deadline, it's possible I can turn this in early on Friday.

OK. I will review and reply ASAP
My apologies. I tried but lost. I am out of ideas and opting out for other Professionals to answer. Please wait. You will be notified by email as soon as any Professional joins you. I will help you with your other questions though. Thank you for your patience.

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R.R. Jha, Tutor
Category: Homework
Satisfied Customers: 5471
Experience: B.Tech
R.R. Jha and 2 other Homework Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.



wow, this is perfect! it does exactly everything it is supposed to, and extremely elegantly too. i can learn a lot from the way you code, and can't wait to break down your work.


thank you so much. this is excellent work.

Most welcome!

Please don't forget to rate the answer. You may then also add a bonus if you appreciate the effort.

And let me know if you need help with any other projects.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

absolutely. thanks again, so very much!

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