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When youre setting up to type on the keyboard, you should

Customer Question

When you’re setting up to type on the keyboard, you should position your fingers over the
A. space bar. C. home keys. B. numbers. D. Shift keys.
2. Which of the following is proper positioning when you’re setting up to type on the keyboard?
A. Lean forward slightly. B. Lean backward slightly. C. Sit up straight. D. Lean on a hardback chair.
3. When you’re typing the number zero (0), which finger from the right hand should you use?
A. Your index finger C. Your middle finger B. Your pinky finger D. Your ring finger
4. If you were typing a quote, you would include the ending quotation mark A. after the period. C. before the comma.
B. before the period. D. after the semicolon. 5. Which sentence uses a comma correctly?
A. She wanted to be an astronaut, after finishing school. B. He would like to order the steak, and fries. C. Thank you for returning my call, Mary. D. Jim grabbed a bottle of ketchup, to go with his fries.
6. Which of the following statements is a sentence fragment? A. I need a job. C. It’s there.
B. You went home. D. Here is. 7. If you’re compiling a list of sources you used for your report in MLA style, your list of
sources is called a A. bibliography. C. references list.
B. source list. D. works-cited list. 8. Which of the following is the best way to type a capital A in a sentence?
A. Press and hold down the Ctrl key with the right pinky finger and type A. B. Press and hold down the Shift key with the right pinky finger and type A. C. Press and hold down the Shift key with the left pinky finger and use your left
ring finger to type A. D. Press the Caps Lock key and type A.
9. You’re putting together a memo and have additional material to staple to it. What word should you type below the reference initials?
A. Attachment C. Extra B. Enclosure D. More
10. You’re creating a table with borders all around the cells showing. Another word for this type of table is
A. open. C. boxed. B. closed. D. celled.
11. In a business report, what spacing should you use between lines?
A. 0.5 C. 1.5 B. 1.0 D. 2.0
12. A proofreaders’ marks of three lines added underneath a letter indicates that you should
A. insert a space after the letter. B. delete a space after the letter. C. capitalize the letter. D. lowercase the letter.
13. If you’re formatting a multipage business report, how should you number the first page of the report?
A. You should center the number on the lower part of the page. B. You should number the page in the upper-right corner. C. You should number the page in the upper-left corner. D. You should not number the first page.
14. You should format a list of sequential steps in a business report using A. square bullets. C. a lettered outline.
B. circle bullets. D. a numbered list. 15. If you’re typing a letter using the standard-block style, what type of punctuation
should you use after the salutation? A. A colon
B. A semicolon 16. Which of the following should not be capitalized?
A. Names of the days of the week B. Names of the months
C. A comma D. A period
C. Names of holidays D. Names of seasons
17. If you’re quoting what a person said in a letter that you’re typing, what type of punctuation should you include?
A. Single quotes C. Italics B. Double quotes D. No punctuation
18. Although label choices vary for different printers, your textbook recommends __________ for laser and ink jet printers.
A. Avery standard, 5160, Address B. Avery standard, 6150, Label C. Avery standard, 6150, Address D. Avery standard, 5160, Label
19. Your boss asks you to type a memo reminding employees of the new time- management system. How should you format the headings, such as “memo to”?
A. Lowercase, underlined C. Initial caps, bold B. All caps, bold D. Initial caps, underlined
20. When typing personal titles in correspondence, you should always include the person’s name if you know it. If you don’t know the person’s name, which of the following should you use?
A. Sir or Ma’am C. Ladies and Gentlemen B. To whom it may concern D. Mr. or Mrs.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Mr. Gregory White replied 4 years ago.

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