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“For Cher Only” Question 1 2.5 points Save In the Chinese

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“For Cher Only”
Question 1 2.5 points Save
In the Chinese language, every written sign is a

Question 2 2.5 points Save
The Chi Wara headpieces exaggerate the features of the
water buffalo.
Question 3 2.5 points Save
In Li Bo’s poem “A Night with a Friend,” after wine and conversation the two friends
leave to try to find a place to spend the night.
decide to stay up all night.
fall asleep on the ground.
ride home to their respective homes.
Question 4 2.5 points Save
When not in use, an Ashanti stool is
hidden away.
turned upside down.
buried in the ground.
turned on its side.

Question 5 2.5 points Save
Chinese nobility during the Shang and Zhou dynasties were expected to act in accordance with
Question 6 2.5 points Save
The Efe/Gelede festival is closely concerned with
male power and dominance.
male initiation rites.
female power and fertility.
all of the above.
Question 7 2.5 points Save
The masks of the Mmwo society and those of the Mambunda represent the
earth mother.
ancestral spirits.
wives of the ruler.
various plants and trees held sacred.

Question 8 2.5 points Save
Which statement about Hinduism is incorrect?
Hinduism has almost no essential doctrines or practices.
It is impossible to determine at what point Hinduism began.
The idea of Hinduism as an organized religion was created by British orientalists.
The caste system is central to the practice of Hinduism.

Question 9 2.5 points Save
Most music performed in Africa is performed
for male only audiences.
in private homes.
in formal concert halls.
as part of a social activity.
Question 10 2.5 points Save
Kente refers to a type of
cooking pot.
ceremonial dance.
musical instrument.
Question 11 2.5 points Save
Dharma, reincarnation, nirvana, yoga, and karma are terms associated with
Question 12 2.5 points Save
Which statement about Confucianism is incorrect?
The word Confucianism was first used by the sixteenth-century Portuguese.
It stresses the temperament, character, and behavior of the gentleman.
It is based on the ideal of inner balance.
Its ideal society is one in which rank is based on birth, not on merit.

Question 13 2.5 points Save
The term ase refers to
power, authority, and potential energy.
Question 14 2.5 points Save
The reign of the Han emperor Wudi is marked by the beginning of a system of
national defense.
irrigation, improved fertilizers, and other agricultural innovations.
choosing public officials by merit rather than rank.
organized state religion including priests and temples.

Question 15 2.5 points Save
Confucianism is without
salvation in an afterlife.
all of the above.

Question 16 2.5 points Save
The level of ______________ in fifth-century India was the highest in the ancient world.
skill in mathematics
cultural expression

Question 17 2.5 points Save
All African art is integrated into everyday life in the
secret societies.

Question 18 2.5 points Save
Starting in the fourth century, major clans joined together to form the ____________ court.

Question 19 2.5 points Save
In the patriarchal Yoruba society, the Efe/Gelede ceremony celebrates and honors
women and mothers.

Question 20 2.5 points Save
West African music, like _________________, is communal in its basic approach.
European classical music
all folk music
None of the above.

Question 21 2.5 points Save
The festival of Efe/Gelede comes every year just before the
spring rains.
fall harvest.
summer drought.
winter frost.
Question 22 2.5 points Save
The central teaching of Daoism is
the belief in an all-powerful, rational creator god.
abandoning oneself to the natural rhythms of the universe.
seeking and following a balanced path through life.
the belief in sin and personal salvation through prayer and good works.

Question 23 2.5 points Save
The ______________ is one of the best-known literary works from India.
Analects of Confucius
Epic of Sundiata
Bhagavad Gita
Question 24 2.5 points Save
Which is true of Peking opera?
Orchestral musicians played without a score or a conductor.
Characters wore pink and white make-up and often performed athletic dance movements.
Originally only men and boys were allowed on stage.
all of the above

Question 25 2.5 points Save
The Ashanti believe that a person’s spirit resides in a
small statue.

Question 26 2.5 points Save
During its reign, the Tang dynasty is noted for having facilitated an enormous improvement in the status of

Question 27 2.5 points Save
The ______________ initiated what is generally considered to be the classical age of Indian culture.

Question 28 2.5 points Save
In sharp contrast to Western tradition, ______________ is unknown in classical IndXXXXX XXXXXterature.
the epic
Question 29 2.5 points Save
The combination of animals represented on the kponiugo, or fire-spitting mask, represents the
dangers of the jungle.
qualities of a brave warrior.
possessions of the tribe.
chaos of primordial times.

Question 30 2.5 points Save
African visual art may be
all of the above.

Question 31 2.5 points Save
The elaborate art of the Gelede masks may include
animals and deities.
historical personalities.
foreign elements.
all of the above.
Question 32 2.5 points Save
African masks and headpieces are usually worn by men for
attracting women.
spying expeditions.
social and religious rituals.
all of the above.

Question 33 2.5 points Save
Efe and Gelede are the ______________ of Iyanla, the Earth Mother.

Question 34 2.5 points Save
Which religion was the least influential in the history of India?

Question 35 2.5 points Save
Through festival, African performers
reinforce traditional values and symbols.
acknowledge the priority of spiritual powers.
celebrate the vitality and continuity of the community
all of the above.
Question 36 2.5 points Save
Equestrian figures are especially prominent in
East Africa.
the Western Sudan.
the Congo.
South Africa

Question 37 2.5 points Save
The constant element in African art and life could be defined as a tension between
good and evil.
order and disorder.
man and woman.
nature and society.

Question 38 2.5 points Save
One of the first European artists to be inspired by African art was

Question 39 2.5 points Save
In Buddha’s “Sermon in the Deer Park,” the Lord (Buddha) tells the five monks to avoid craving and desire by following
the desires of the senses.
Western philosophy.
the Middle Way.
the path to truth and righteousness as explicated in the Bible.

Question 40 2.5 points Save
Buddhism spread rapidly throughout China after the close of the Han dynasty because
the Mongol rulers strongly encouraged the foreign religion.
native religions were ruthlessly suppressed.
traditional Chinese religions emphasized belief in an afterlife.
political upheaval encouraged a religion of peace and resignation.

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