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1. Allopatric speciation occurs: a)When a population splits

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1. Allopatric speciation occurs: a)When a population splits into two different environments. b)When viral genes are introduced into a populations gene pool. c)In aquatic habitats only. d)In deserts, but not chains of islands. e)When two species hybridize.
2. Neanderthals are thought to: a)have coexisted and competed with modern humans b)have died out long before modern humans emerged c)have lived primarily in Africa d)be a hoax or myth- similar to Big Foot e)1 & 3
3. Most animals are heterotrophs, reproduce sexually and are multicellular. True or False?
4. Which pairing of occurrence and date is NOT correct? a)Origin of prokaryotic cells: 100 million years ago. b)Cambrian period started 540-550 million years ago c)Origin of earth: 4.5 - 4.8 billion years ago d)Origin of eukaryotic cells: 1.5 -2.5 billion years ago e)They are all correct.
5. Bonobos are more aggressive than Chimps.True or False?
6. Bacteria reproduce asexually by prokaryotic fission. True or False?
7. Fungi are most closely associated with what ecological role? a)producer b)carnivore c)herbivore d)decomposer
8. Which form of evidence does not support evolutionary theory? a)Biochemical comparisons of living creatures b)Genetic comparisons between living creatures c)Fossils of extinct organisms d)Morphology of living and extinct creatures e)None of the above
9. Cytoplasm is extracellular fluid. True or False?
10. Which era do we live in? a)Mesozoic b)Cenozoic c)Paleozoic d)Anthrocentric e)Psychogenic f)None of the above.
11. Occupying different habitats in the same area is an example of ecological isolation. True or False?
12. Disruptive selection favors intermediate forms of the trait in a population. True or False?
13. coelom most nearly means: a)body plan b)true body cavity c)gamete d)bilateral symmetry e)diploid
14. Which of the following demonstrate mutualism (Choose the best answer): a)Lichen b)Shark c)Coral d)Starfish e)Seahorse f)1 & 3
15. A lumberjack with well-developed biceps and forearms would produce offspring with the same characteristics according to Cuvier. True or False?
16. About how many earths would it take to support all people living at the same average level of consumption as the average American level of consumption? a)less than 1 b)1- 2 c)3-10 d)11-16 e)more than 16
17. An interacting network of species best describes which term: a)a population b)a species c)an abiotic environment d)a community e)an ecosystem
18. Which of the following demonstrate radial symmetry? a)Cnidaria b)Mollusc c)Arthropoda d)Chordata e)None of the Above
19. Which term most nearly means: the role an organism plays in its community, including its habitat and its interactions with other organisms. a)chemolithotroph b)vestigial c)niche d)community e)figure of merit
20. A keystone species: a)is near the root of the evolutionary tree b)is the first species to start to exploit a given niche c)is the first species in an ecosystem that will show stress due to pollution or habitat loss. d)exerts a widespread effect on the ecosystem e)None of the above
21. Sexual selection is based upon any trait that gives the individual a competitive edge in mating and producing offspring. True or False?
22. An example of a vestigial structure is: a)The wing of a bat b)The tentacles of the octopus c)The pelvis of a whale d)The human coccyx e)The human brain f)3 & 4 g)1, 2, & 5
23. Which is not an example of one of the eight levels of the modern taxonomic system: a)genus b)family c)order d)class e)group
24. Many biologists think that habitat loss due to human impact is currently causing a mass extinction. True or False?
25. Xylem transports water and minerals. True or False?
26. Choose the true statement: a)Ecological systems are robust and resilient in the face of human expansion b)The IPCC has found that climate change is not likely to cause serious consequences for humanity in the foreseeable future. c)The most common gas in the atmosphere is Carbon Dioxide d)Homo sapiens are Deuterostomes e)All of the statements above are false
27. Fungi can be saprobes or parasites. True or False?
28. Most species have sexual dimorphism. True or False?
29. Which of the following Hominids was alive most recently: a)Homo neanderthal b)Homo erectus c)Australopithicus d)Sahelanthropus
30. Directional selection occurs when allele frequencies shift in a consistent direction and traits/forms at one end of the range of phenotypic variations become more common than the intermediate forms. True or False?
31. Drug-resistance mutations occur in bacteria: a)Only when they are exposed to the drug to which they become resistant. b)More often when they are exposed to the drug. c)At any time, even when they are not exposed to the drug. d)None of the above.
32. The male part of the flower is the stamen. True or False?
33. Antibiotic overuse has placed selection pressure on bacteria. True or False?
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Thank you. Question #26 does not have an answer. Was that by accident?

You're most welcome.

Yes, that was an oversight. Please let me look at it and give you an answer.

Thanks for your patience.

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