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15. Three automotive technicians are discussing the operation

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15. Three automotive technicians are discussing the operation of the thermostat in the cooling system. Technician A says that when a thermostat is stuck open, it causes an engine to overheat. Technician 8 says that if a thermostat is stuck open, the engine may never warm to its proper temperature. Technician C says that when a thermostat is stuck closed, it causes much more serious engine problems than when a thermostat is stuck open. Which of the following statements is correct?
A. Only Technician A is correct. C. Only Technician 8 is correct.
B. Both Technician A and Technician C are correct. D. Both Technician 8 and Technician C are correct.

16. Which of the following statements about radiator fans is correct?
A. In most automobiles, the cooling fan is mounted in front of the radiator, so that the fan blades can blow air on the radiator core.
B. In a belt-driven radiator fan system, the fan is usually attached to the end of the water pump shaft and is driven by the same belt that drives the water pump.
C. An electric fan can only be used when an engine is mounted in-line with the center of the vehicle.
D. When a vehicle contains a transverse-mounted engine, it must use a belt-driven radiator fan.

17. Look at the cooling system assembly shown in Figure A-2. What is the component that is labeled with the letter in the figure? .
A. A thermostat
B. A water pump
C. A radiator fan
D. A radiator pressure cap

18. When you are refilling a cooling system with coolant, which of the following steps comes first?
A. Install the radiator pressure cap while the engine is still running.
B. With the radiator cap off, start the engine and allow it to heat up until the thermostat opens.
C. With the engine off, add coolant to the radiator to a level of one inch below the filler neck.
D. Add coolant to the coolant recovery tank, up to the maximum mark on the tank.

19. Which of the following statements about radiators is correct?
A. A radiator is usually mounted at the rear of a vehicle in order to allow air to blow through it.
B. Top-flow radiators are much smaller than cross-flow radiators.
C. Cross-flow radiators are used in most modern cars because they fit easily in smaller vehicles where space is limited.
D. Radiator hoses are smaller in diameter than heater hoses.

20. An automotive technician is performing a pressure test on a cooling system. He pumps up the tester to 14 psi,
the rated pressure of the radiator cap. As he watches the pressure gage, the pressure reading on the gage slowly begins to drop. What conclusion can he make from the results of this test?
A. The cooling system is in good condition.
B. The thermostat in the system is faulty.
C. The cooling system has a leak in it somewhere.
D. The water pump drive belt has broken.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Everything was fine except for questions 14 and 15 they were wrong. 14 is A and 15 is D