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TEACHERGREG 1. There are two main types of commerce on

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1. There are two main types of commerce on the Internet. They are:
A. business-to-consumer and government.
B. international and intrastate.
C. government and Fortune 500 companies.
D. business-to-consumer and business-to-business.

2. Boolean search strings tell a WWW search engine:
A. when to turn off.
B. how many copies of the page to print.
C. whether to also search in Usenet.
D. what terms must be in the Web page or what terms must not be in the Web page searched for.

3. One of the most important reasons for consumers to shop on the WWW is:
A. convenience.
B. free software.
C. saving time.
D. personalized shopping services.

4. The informal rules of behavior for the Internet have evolved over time and are generally described by the term:
A. Netiquette.
B. Acceptable Net Usage (ANU).
C. Internet rules and standards.
5. Typing an e-mail message completely in upper case is:
A. more efficient than lower case.
B. typically considered to be SHOUTING.
C. only for printing.
D. only possible in UNIX.
6. In designing a Web site, all of the following are questions to be considered EXCEPT:
A. Who will be reading the page?
B. What type of computer will s/he be using?
C. Will someone copy the site?
D. What is the purpose of the site?

7. The tactic of keeping graphic elements “one screen” as the Web page opens with no scrolling required is known as:
A. home paging.
B. vertical design.
C. designing above the fold.
D. synergistic design.

8. The three basic stages of designing a Web site include:
A. the analysis phase, the design phase, and the building phase.
B. the baseline phase, the software phase, and the hardware phase.
C. the analysis phase, the drafting phase, and the publishing phase.
D. the problem phase, the design phase, and the implementation phase.

9. Key words which allow your Web documents to be located by search engine word searches are contained in the:
A. meta tag.
B. body.
C. link attributes.
D. break tag.

10. Which of the following HTML elements can be used within a table to display the reason for or the identity of a table?
A. Either the table row or table column tag
B. The caption tag
C. The title tag
D. The table row tag

11. Database design can be very complicated. Three elements that should always be present in database design to insure consistency of analysis are:
A. technology, research techniques, and data.
B. hierarchy, dependence, and decomposition.
C. forms, tags, and attributes.
D. characters, fonts, and scales.

12. All of the following are tried-and-true methods of assembling databases for marketing purposes EXCEPT:
A. profiling by demographics.
B. profiling by retrographics.
C. profiling by geographics.
D. profiling by psychographics.

13. The first step in designing a database is to determine:
A. how you want the final reports to look and sketch them out on paper.
B. the purpose of the database.
C. what subjects you need to store facts about.
D. what facts you need to store about each subject.

14. The main entity or component of a database is:
A. the field.
B. the table.
C. the record.
D. the category.

15. Potentially, the best database for e-commerce is:
A. an operations oriented database.
B. a market intelligence database.
C. the US Census.
D. one assembled from ongoing customer transactions.

16. Software that can scan the text of an incoming e-mail and respond intelligently without human intervention is a type of software called:
A. "smart readers."
B. "intelli-mail."
C. "robots."
D. "e-trains."

17. "Ask Jeeves" is an item that can be installed on your firm's home page. It is:
A. a financial calculator.
B. a software navigation tool.
C. a software search tool that provides instant responses to customer inquires.
D. the only way for a customer to find out information about your site.

18. Customers visiting a Web site almost always have questions. Often these questions are repetitious. An efficient way of handling these questions is:
A. not to let visitors to your site ask these questions.
B. to put a 900 telephone number on your site for your customers to call and ask questions.
C. to ask customers to write you a letter if they have any questions.
D. by preparing a FAQ page to answer simple or common customer questions.

19. The HTML tag that possesses the most options and attributes is:

20. The attribute that points a form to a URL that will accept the form's information is the:
A. POINTER attribute.
B. METHOD attribute.
C. ACTION attribute.
D. INPUT attribute.
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