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Coding Questions

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CODING FUNDAMENTALS: ICD-9 AND ICD -10 BASICS: 1. Identify the correct code for family history of breast cancer, female. A. V45.82 B. V10.3 C. V16.3 D. V43.82 2. Medicare pays for what percentage of covered charges? A. 70% B. 85% C. 80% D. 75% 3. NEC is the acronym for A. Neoplasm behavior Essential for Coding. B. Not Elsewhere Classifiable. C. Nothing Else Coded. D. Not an Excluded Code. 4. When a correct substance is properly administered but has an adverse effect, this is called A. undetermined. B. poisoning. C. therapeutic use. D. an accident. 5. A patient presents in the office with diarrhea. Physician documents gastroenteritis. What is the first listed diagnosis? A. Both have equal precedence. Code either one first. B. Diarrhea C. E&M code for office visit D. Gastroenteritis 6. Single braces are used in the Tabular List to A. connect a series of terms on the left with one term on the right. B. connect terms on both sides of the braces. C. indicate fifth digits required with a code. D. include nonessential modifiers and alternative codes. 7. In the Tabular List, where would you find alternative terms and explanatory phrases? A. In double braces B. In square brackets C. In parentheses D. After a colon 8. What category can not be assigned with any other delivery code in the 630–676 range? A. 650 B. 670 C. 655 D. V27 9. Symbols, abbreviations, punctuation, and notations in ICD-9-CM are termed A. edits. B. conventions. C. grammar checks. D. guidelines. 10. What is the main term for "fractured clavicle"? A. Fractured B. Skeletal C. Clavicle D. Osteo 11. What are the correct codes for acute cystitis due to O157 Shiga toxin producing E. coli? A. 595.0, 041.3 B. 595.0, 041.41 C. 595.2, 041.42 D. 041.41, 595.0 12. What convention in the Alphabetic Index tells you to look elsewhere before assigning a code? A. Summary B. Cross-reference term C. Abbreviation D. Note 13. The abbreviation NOS is used A. to indicate that another code may describe the condition more completely or specifically. B. when a separate code for a specific condition isn't provided in the classification system. C. when the medical record doesn't provide enough information to permit assignment of a more specific code. D. to provide assurance that the code is correct by listing various terms that are covered by the code. 14. For which of the following does Medicare Part A pay? A. Professional services and durable medical equipment B. Physician services and durable medical equipment C. Hospital/facility care and durable medical equipment D. Hospital/facility care 15. If a QIO provider renders a covered service that costs $100 and bills Medicare for the services and Medicare allows $58, the provider would bill _______ to the patient. A. $42 B. $100 C. $58 D. $0 16. Identify the correct diagnosis code for benign essential hypertension. A. 401.1 B. 401.0 C. 402.10 D. 401.9 17. Assign the appropriate codes for third degree burn of 18% of the trunk caused by lighting a fire in the home fireplace. A. 942.30, E895, E849.0 B. 942.00, 948.21, E895, E849.0 C. 942.30, 948.11, E895, E849.0 D. 942.00, 948.11, E895, E849.0 18. On the baby's birth record, the appropriate V code from categories V30–V39 are sequenced as _______, and any other conditions or congenital abnormalities are listed _______. A. first-listed diagnosis, as secondary diagnoses B. first-listed diagnosis, as optional C. first-listed diagnosis, on the mother's record D. secondary diagnosis, as first-listed diagnoses 19. Which chapter in the ICD-10 contains codes for the perinatal period? A. N B. A C. P D. V 20. A combination code is a single code used to classify all of the following except A. procedure codes. B. a diagnosis with an associated complication. C. two diagnoses. D. a diagnosis with an associated secondary process (manifestation). 21. A patient is diagnosed with controlled Type 2 Diabetes on insulin without complication. Assign the correct code. A. 250.02 B. 250.00 C. 250.01 D. 250.90 22. Patient is admitted for radiation therapy for metastatic bone cancer, primary unknown. Patient develops severe vomiting secondary to the course of radiation and is kept an extra day for stabilization. Assign the appropriate codes. A. 170.9, V58, 787.03, 198.05, 199.1, E879.2 B. 787.03, 198.05, 199.1, E879.2 C. V58.0, 787.03, 198.05, 199.1, E879.2 D. V58.0, 787.03, 198.05, 199.1 23. Assign the correct code(s) for aspirin poisoning due to the patient accidentally taking medication incorrectly. A. 965.1 B. E850.3, 965.1 C. 965.0, E850.3 D. 965.1, E850.3 24. What are the correct codes for dehydration due to pneumonia? A. 276.1, 491 B. 486, 786.2 C. 486, 276.51 D. 486, 276.50 25. In the Alphabetic Index of Volume 2, ICD-9-CM, nonessential modifiers are A. terms enclosed in parentheses that have no effect on the selection of the code. B. alphanumeric characters that clarify the meaning of the code selection. C. two digits appended to the code to modify the meaning. D. codes denoting acute and chronic

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Relist: I still need help.
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Relist: I still need help.
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