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For Bizhelp 1. Inappropriate behavior: a. never occurs

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For Bizhelp

1. Inappropriate behavior:
a. never occurs in typically developing children.
b. is a problem when it interferes with daily activities.
c. is always related to a child's temperament.
d. is always caused by the environment.

2. Inclusion is primarily about:
a. individualizing instruction for all children.
b. training special education teachers.
c. reducing the number of exceptional children.
d. creating smaller class sizes.

3. Quality inclusive early childhood programs should be based on:
a. recommended practices
b. cost factors.
c. teacher preferences.
d. already existing programs.

4. Taking a field trip to the zoo after a project on animals would be an example of:
a. literacy development.
b. individual assignments.
c. cooperative groups.
d. integrated curriculum.

5. A good example of people-first language is:
a. "he has cerebral palsy."
b. "she's a down's baby."
c. "this child has attention deficit disorder."
d. "that boy is autistic."

6. The major difference amond multidisciplinary teams, interdisciplinary teams, and transdisiplinary teams is:
a. how often the meet
b. the number of members on the team
c. how much team members interact with each other.
d. who is on the team

7. An effective teacher in an inclusive early childhood classroom:
a. has a lot of special education training.
b. is also a therapist.
c. has experience with all disabilities
d. is knowledgeable about child development

8. The most important factor in encouraging social development in children is:
a. having many siblings
b. going to preschool at a young age
c. social responsiveness from adults
picking up a baby when he cries

9. Adaptive behaviors:
a. are the same as functional skills
b. are different from functional skills
c. exclude functional skills
d. include functional skills

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