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A crisis interview would be appropriate

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1. A crisis interview would be appropriate to:

A. Assess how family of origin influences a person’s ability to handle a crisis.
B. Obtain a clearer understanding of a patient’s diagnosis.
C. Assess whether a depressed client with frequent suicidal thoughts has formulated a detailed plan.
D. Screen for a patient’s level of psychological functioning.

2. ________ testing presents specific questions or statements to which a person responds by using specific answers or a scale. ________ is an example of this type of testing?

A. Objective; MMPI
B. Projective; TAT
C. Functional; NEO-PI-R
D. Intelligence; Stanford-Binet

3. ________ testing uses ambiguous or unstructured testing stimuli to which a person responds freely to the testing stimuli. ________ is an example of this type of testing?

A. Objective; MMPI
B. Projective; TAT
C. Functional; NEO-PI-R
D. Intelligence; Stanford-Binet

4. Intellectual testing is used to measure intelligence and to assess?

A. Emotional well-being
B. Confidence levels
C. Cognitive functioning
D. Social aptitude skills

5. An IQ test is given to a child on Tuesday. When given the test again on Thursday, the child’s scores differ significantly. This is an issue of?

A. Functionality
B. Reliability
C. Observation
D. Reflection

6. Felicia, a 9-year-old girl, complains that other children are not letting her play with them during recess or that they do not play fair. What would be the most effective approach to assess the interactions between Felicia and her playmates?

A. Naturalistic observation
B. Controlled observation
C. Self-monitoring
D. Functional analysis

7. Which of the following is a potential threat to effective interviewing?

A. Time of day
B. Interviewer bias
C. Structured interviews
D. Self-monitoring

8. A potential limitation of a structured interview is that?

A. It does not allow the flexibility to tailor the experience to the individual needs of the person being interviewed.
B. Questions are organized in a logical flow
C. Patients’ answers direct which additional questions they receive
D. Clinical judgment is minimized

9. A potential limitation of an initial assessment is that?

A. The patient’s goal for treatment is identified
B. The intake reveals a family history of mental illness
C. Sometimes the presenting problem or symptom is not the real problem
D. Someone with hallucinations may not have them during the assessment

10. The choice of assessment tools used depends on numerous factors, including the following:

A. The diagnosis
B. The nature of the presenting problem
C. The vocation of the patient
D. A psychologist’s preference for the assessment tool


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