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1. (TCO 7) The interaction between two organisms called commensalism:

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1. (TCO 7) The interaction between two organisms called commensalism: (Points : 4)
always benefits one of the organisms and does not affect the other.
benefits both organisms.
is illustrated by the relationship between a shark and the fish that it eats.
All of the above

2. (TCO 7) Which one of the following best describes the nature of an animal's habitat? (Points : 4)
The food an animal eats
The other animals present
The water the animal drinks
The place the animal lives

3. (TCO 7) As the human population has increased: (Points : 4)
humans have changed the kinds of plants and animals present.
humans have overfished the oceans.
humans have caused the extinction of some organisms.
All of the above are correct.

4. (TCO 7) As the population density increases, which one of the following is likely to occur? (Points : 4)
Mortality will increase.
The population will experience an exponential growth.
Natality will increase.
Individuals will migrate from the area of highest density.

5. (TCO 8) The breakdown of which of the following leads to the self-destruction of the cell? (Points : 4)

6. (TCO 8) An outside source of energy (ATP) is required for: (Points : 4)
active transport.
None of these answers are true.

7. (TCO 9) The expression of a gene is called: (Points : 4)

8. (TCO 9) If one pair of genes could cause some flowers to have red petals or yellow petals and could also determine the strength of the stem, this would be an example of: (Points : 4)
polygenic inheritance.

9. (TCO 9) Which of these is responsible for carrying a specific amino acid into place? (Points : 4)

10. (TCO 9) If the sequence of bases in mRNA is U, C, A, the sequence of bases in DNA is: (Points : 4)
A, G, and U.
A, G, and T.
A, C, and A.
T, G, and U.

11. (TCO 9) Which one of the following statements is not consistent with the concept of evolution? (Points : 4)
Mutations occur as a result of evolution.
Selective breeding can result in new varieties of plants and animals.
Only populations of organisms evolve; individual organisms cannot.
Evolution is taking place today.

12. (TCO 9) All of the following ideas support the idea that life could have originated on Earth except: (Points : 4)
the temperature of Earth allows water to exist as a liquid.
organic molecules could have formed in an atmosphere that lacked oxygen.
Earth has oxygen in its atmosphere.
structures similar to prokaryotic cells have been found in fossils.

13. (TCO 10) The primary mechanism that redistributes the flow of blood from one part of the body to another is based upon changes in: (Points : 4)
the rate at which the heart beats.
the rate at which blood is removed from one area and sent to another.
the strength of the heartbeat.
the diameter of the arterioles.

14. (TCO 10) The normal flow of blood throught the heart is: (Points : 4)
right atrium > right venticle > lungs > left atrium > left ventricle > aorta.
right atrium > left atrium > left ventricle > aorta.
lungs > right ventricle > aorta > left atrium > left ventricle > lungs.
left ventricle > lungs > left atrium > right ventricle > right atrium > aorta.

15. (TCO 10) Blood flows directly from the intestines, where nutrients enter, to the liver, which: (Points : 4)
adds bile to the blood.
alters the pH of the blood.
removes and alters many of the nutrients.
increases the number of enzymes to complete digestion.
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