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Your task is to identify the leadership concepts and theories

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Your task is to identify the leadership concepts and theories that appear in the film. Crimson Tide (1995, based on a story by Michael Schiffer and Richard P. Hendrik)
1. Write a 1-page synopsis of the plot with the focus on leadership.
2. State each theory or concept you identify.
3. Describe and explain how the theory or concept appears in the film. For example, it may appear in the actions or words of characters or in other character’s responses

Joanne : Hi. What's the length required for the assignment? When do you need it by?


Joanne : ok thanks

Hello Joanne here is a copy of a essay someone else done with some of the theories cover in class.


“Power is the ability to influence others’ actions, thoughts, or emotions” (Borkowski 2011 p 165). There was a point in the movie when the admiral demanded to be let into the commander’s quarters to talk to him after he was relieved of duty by Washington. Hackman’s character unveiled his plan to the admiral to overtake Washington. He told the admiral to pull three of the crewman to the side and attempt to convince them to participate in the takeover of Washington’s character. According to Borkowski, “power exists only when there is an unequal relationship between two people and where the two are dependent upon the other” (p 167). From the start of the movie it appeared that Hackman’s character had an issue with Washington’s character. Hackman’s character judged Washington’s character based on his reading Washington’s file and seeing that he was highly recommended for the position and that he was a Harvard graduate. Borkowski identifies in chapter 8 that power is defined in several ways (p 167). The definition adopted for the discussion of this chapter is taken from (Siu 1979) and defined as, “the influence over the beliefs, emotions, and behaviors of people” (p 167). According to Borkowski “potential power exists when an individual has the ability to influence” (2011 p 168). In this case Hackman exemplified such power since he had a long standing naval career and had been in command of this crew for quite some time. This movie definitely depicted the struggle of power and influence between these two characters. And more so what an individual will result to when they feel that they are losing control of a particular situation. Each character was dependent on the other for the success of the mission therefore there was the need to break the power barrier by both individuals.



Borkowski, Nancy (2011). Organizational Behavior in Health Care. Second Edition.

Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

Bruckheimer, Jerry & Simpson, Don (1995). Crimson Tide. Hollywood Pictures.

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Alright, I'll refer to the model if I need to :)

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I'll try to get this over by tonight or tomorrow morning



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Please download the paper here

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