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Linda, You have helped me in the past. I have some questions

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Linda, You have helped me in the past. I have some questions I need help with. Are able to help me with Business Communcations Questions? I have went through and i need someone to double check my thought process ? There are 50 total.
Thanks for requesting me. I can help you.

Is this timed assignment?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I just need info back by 5pm tomorrow. If earlier wonderful but at least by 5pm on Tuesday

Please post your questions. I will complete the assignment before your deadline.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks - Please ignore my bolded answers, I will compare your answers to mine once received.

First 15 out of 50

  1. In the passive voice the:

    • Subject received the action

    • Subject performs the action

    • Verb is plural

    • Verb is past-tense

  2. Which of the following is a form of nonverbal communication?

    • Email

    • b. Body language

    • Teleconferencing

    • Letter

  3. You might replace the phase “unavoidably detained” with the word:

    • a. Delayed

    • Finished

    • Verbalized

    • Completed

  4. Which of the following is a correct word?

    • Irrepairable

    • Irregardless

    • c. Relevant

    • Anywhere

  5. The___ identified the person, place, idea, activity, quality or thing being discussed.

    • a. Subject

    • Verb

    • Clause

    • Phrase

  6. A__ expressed action or a state of being:

    • Subject

    • b. Verb

    • Clause

    • Phrase

  7. A group of words that does not express a complete thought but merely part of an idea is known as a/an”

    • Run on sentence

    • b. Sentence fragment

    • Independent clause

    • Dependent clause

  8. Sales letters require the use of the :

    • Indirect approach

    • Direct approach

    • Persuasive approach

    • Common approach

  9. The purpose of the “buffer paragraph” is to:

    • Set the stage for giving good news

    • Provide background for a request for action

    • c. Smooth the way for an unpleasant message

    • Give the negative attitude a prominent position.

  10. When composing a first draft:

    • check the grammar

    • use the spell check

    • c. concentrate on the content

    • revise the wording

  11. the refusal in negative communications should:

    • a. be stated explicitly or implied clearly

    • be stated in at least two ways

    • be stated in the middle and final paragraphs

    • not be explicitly stated

    12in the negative letter, the last paragraph should

    • state reasons for the refusal

    • b. offer a counter proposal or alternative

    • restate the refusal

    • apologize

    13If you are writing a letter of recommendation you should us the:

    • Direct approach

    • Indirect approach

    • Persuasive approach

    • d. Explanatory approach

    14 In written communications, your tone is transmitted by your:

    • Image

    • Body language

    • c. Word and perceived spirit behind them

    • Facial expressions

15 When writing a letter containing bad news, consider the customers or clients viewpoint by:

  • a. Pointing out benefits to the customer where few or non may be apparent (jm?)

  • Giving them the bad news in the opening sentence

  • Saying no without giving reasons

  • Pointing out that you are just following company policy

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

  1. The built in purpose of each letter should be to :

    1. Promote a goodwill and make a profit

    2. Maintain the company’s position is mostly fair

    3. Resell the product and the business ahead of the competition

    4. d. Promote goodwill and resell your product or service

  2. Reselling a product or service is appropriate

    1. For a new customer only

    2. b. For a new customer as well as a longtime customer

    3. Only for first-time buyers

    4. Only if the customer is having a problem with the product or service

  3. When an individual has done an exceptional job, a thank – you letter will be appreciated more if:

    1. The letter contains a minimum of 5 paragraphs

    2. A printed thank you card is sent

    3. c. A copy of the letter is sent to the individuals supervisor

    4. The letter is sent confidentially

  4. What type of software would a writer use to product a slide show for a meeting?

    1. Database application

    2. b. Presentational application

    3. Spreadsheet application

    4. Personal information application

  5. Although spell checkers are used for identifying misspelled words, they cannot distinguish

    1. Words that are spelled correctly but used incorrectly

    2. Troublesome words that are misspelled

    3. Homonyms that are misspelled

    4. Synonyms that are misspelled

  6. E-mails are effective when used to :

    1. Send long complex information

    2. Avoid confrontation

    3. c. Exchange ideas

    4. Discuss sensitive issues

  7. The use of emails is appropriate in communicating to:

    1. Discipline an individual

    2. Discuss confidential information

    3. Respond to someone when you are angry

    4. d. Provide concise information

  8. A memo has two parts, the:

    1. Heading and the date

    2. Heading and the complimentary closing

    3. Heading and the body

    4. Subject and the body

  9. Errors in correspondence can be present and unfavorable image of:

    1. You(the writer), the reader, and your product or service

    2. Your employer, the customer, and the competition

    3. c. You, your employers, and your organization

    4. You, the associations, and the competitions products

  10. When answering an inquiry, you should answer:

    1. Only the questions that you can give a positive answer to

    2. The questions with negative answers first

    3. c. All questions completely, starting with your most positive answer

    4. The questions after you have completed all other correspondence.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

When something goes wrong in a business transactions or if merchandise is defective, the customer write:

  • A complaint letter

  • A claim letter

  • An adjustment letter

  • A sales letter

When writing a letter requesting an adjustment, you should:

  • Ask your reader what he or she plans to do about the mistake

  • Question your readers integrity and honesty

  • Ask your reader for a specific adjustment

  • Show your anger and disgust about the situation

When answering an angry or distorted claim letter, you should:

  • Answer sarcastically because this kind of customer isn’t worth keeping

  • Consider the writer irrational and throw the letter away

  • Ignore the insults and write a reply that is friendly, rational, and professional

  • Use some profanity to put the customer back in his or her place.

Order letter should use the:

  • Direct approach

  • Indirect approach

  • Persuasive approach

  • Analytical approach

A letter acknowledging an order:

  • Is unnecessary and should never be sent

  • Will help encourage future orders

  • Is a legal requirement

  • Is a waste of time

If you ask for a reply from a customer you should:

  • Expect a reply from the customer to be sent overnight mail

  • Include a reply envelope or a card

  • Remind the customer of the delay

  • Eliminate the situation by canceling the order

A persuasive request should open with:

  • The call for action

  • Something that will interest the reader

  • An explanation

  • An apology

Indirect selling include letters:

  • That introduce a new sales representative to a customer

  • That present an order to the company

  • That ask for leads for new business

  • Of resignation to the employer

A successful sales message will be built by telling:

  • What the product or service will do for the writer

  • What the product or service will for do the reader

  • How many customer have purchase the product or service

  • How much the product costs.

What is the overall purpose of a press release?

  • To build goodwill for a company with its readers

  • To give the readers more information about what is happening in the company

  • To keep employees informed about important issues facing the company

  • To entice the media to report about the company to increase the company’s visibility

The purpose of a newsletter is to sell company products to the readers

  • Sell company products to the readers

  • Educate and inform readers

  • Convince the reader the information is helpful and should be kept

  • Establish a “hook”

Most successful sales messages:

  • Use write-oriented appeals

  • Combine rational and emotional appeals

  • Concentrate on the cost appeal

  • Use high pressure selling techniques to get the reader to buy immediately.

Minutes should be :

  • Written objectively and concisely

  • Destroyed after the next meeting

  • Written in order importance

  • Brief and general

Examples of formal meetings include:

  • Annual and quarterly corporate meetings

  • Management meetings

  • Project team meetings

  • Social club meetings

Examples of information meetings include:

  • Monthly board meetings

  • Conventions for professional organizations

  • Staff meetings

  • Quarterly association meetings

The purpose of an agenda is to :

  • Select a meeting location

  • List items to be discussed by the group

  • Control the discussion carried on by the participants

  • Decide who will facilitate the meeting

The language style of minutes reflects the type of meeting held. This means:

  • The more formal the meeting, the more informal the wording and tone of the minutes

  • The more informal the meeting the more formal the wording and tone of the minutes

  • The tone must be objective

  • The more formal the meeting, the more formal the wording and tone of the minutes; the more information the meeting, the more informal the wording and tone of the minutes.

For effective meetings, an agenda should be:

  • Distributed at least three to five days before the meeting

  • Not distributed at all

  • Mailed to participants

  • Posted prior to the meeting ( jm rational to me is depends on the meeting?)

The main difference between a letter and a memo is

  • length

  • formality

  • audience

  • tone

Most memos follow the :

  • Direct approach

  • Indirect approach

  • Persuasive approach

  • Informational approach

The two major types of reports in business are the

  • Formal and informal

  • Statistical and formal

  • Informal and memo

  • Information and periodic

In a report the support materials are place in the :

  • Executive summary

  • Bibliography

  • Appendix

  • Methodology section

Secondary research consists of

  • Observations

  • Original surveys

  • What others have written about your topic

  • Interviews

The section of a report that provides a detailed description of the procedures used is the __section.

  • Findings

  • Scope

  • Statement of purpose

  • Methodology

First hand information is considered to be:

  • Secondary research

  • Documented research

  • Primary research

  • Official research.

Got it.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks the bolded are my answers - not sure about some of them but i wanted to be able to cross check to your thoughts. thanks

You are welcome.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you . Please dont lock these yet - it is nice to see that I had the same thought process was you. Thank you. I will download the solution when i get home . Thanks again Linda you are a true gem to work with.

Thank you Jennie for your kind words.:)
Have a good day.