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I am stuck on E and F in this problem: Can someone help me

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I am stuck on E and F in this problem: Can someone help me out? I think I did the rest correctly. I could use some help to make sure I got the rest correct....
consider the following 2007 data for Newark General Hospital(in million of dollars):

REVENUES-$4.7 $ 4.8 $ 4.5
COSTS 4.1 4.1 4.2
PROFITS 0.6 0.7 0.3

A) calculate and interpret the profit variance.
B) calculate and interpret the revenue variance.
C) calculate and interpret the cost variance.
D) calculate and interpret thevolume and management variances on the cost side.
E) calculate and interpret thevolume and price variances on the revenue side.
F)how are the variances calculated above related?
If you could provide the calculated answer and also your deadline, when you need it thansk.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

These are the answers I came up with:


A. 300,000.00

B. (200,000.00)

C. (100,000)

D. 100,000.00 and (300,000.00)

E. 0 and (100,000.00)

F. I have no clue


I have to have it in by tomorrow Dec 4 10pm


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