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I would need this by late Thursday night if possible. A

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I would need this by late Thursday night if possible.

A World of Difference/A Shrinking World: Expanding the Conversation about Globalization
In essay #5, you will revisit and revise essay #4 by incorporating a scholarly article you’ve located via EBSCOhost or JSTOR. You will need to locate an article that discusses globalization in a specific context—as it relates to an area of interest to you (education, economics, non-profits, politics, business, popular culture, etc.). Then, you will determine how best to use this new information to revise your essay. There are a couple of ways (at least) to undertake this revision: You can use the new material to tweak your central argument, your thesis; incorporate the new material as support (either argument or counter-argument) of your existing thesis; or perhaps use the material to create a more engaging introduction or conclusion to your essay.
Essay #5 asks you to undertake a common task of academic writers: Using theory to understand practice. In this case, you will use the Appiah and Foer-informed perspective (i.e., the theory) on globalization you developed in last week’s essay to understand the factors at play in another scholarly work (i.e., a practical context).
What you are doing here goes beyond editing essay #4; you must transform and re-envision it to create a new academic argument for an audience of educated peers who are interested in better understanding globalism as it relates to a given area of society.
Please craft a short description (this can be in bulleted list form if you would like) of the changes and transformations you made in revising essay #4 to create essay #5. Submit this description as either a second file in the dropbox or as a new page (after Works Cited) at the end of your essay file. Failure to submit this required information will result in a letter grade deduction from essay #5.
Guidelines for Essay #5 Length/Due Date: approximately 800-1,000 words, due Sunday midnight Central Standard Time (CST).
Style/Format: This, as all essays in EN 106, will be formatted according to MLA (Modern Language Association) guidelines for scholarship in the humanities:

12 point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced.

1-inch margins top, bottom, and sides.

Although no cover page is needed, you should include your name, my name, the course number/title, and date at the upper left-hand corner of the manuscript.

To view a sample MLA-formatted paper, see p. 246 in Easy Writer
References: Essay #5 will include formal references to the assigned readings, and the source you locate via research. Include enough references to support your argument. Such references will utilize quotation or paraphrasing, and they will include in-text citations (the author's last name and page number in parentheses; however, use only the page number if the author's last name is XXXXX XXXXX the text leading up to the quote or if the previous in-text citation included the name of the same author). EN 106 Page 1 of 2 © Park University, 2011
EN 106 Page 2 of 2 © Park University, 2011
File format: Please submit your essay in Rich Text Format (RTF). This is available in most word processing programs; it will ensure maximum document accessibility for all operating platforms.
Works Cited: Your Works Cited page will include entries for Appiah, Foer, or both, as well as the author of the scholarly article you located. See p. 222 of Easy Writer for directions on how to create a works-cited entry for a work in an anthology. Also in that section of Easy Writer are directions for formatting material archived in EBSCOhost (see p. 228); these directions apply to material archived in JSTOR as well.
Titles: Include a descriptive title at the beginning of your essay that tips your readers off to your thesis. Do not format your title with quotation marks, boldface, underlining or italics. Quotation marks or underlining are only appropriate if the title borrows words from another source.

Chris12 :

So anytime before midnight tomorrow night. Okay, I'm on it.

Customer: Thanks.
Chris12 :

No problem. Working on it now. Should be done by 5:30 or 6pm.

Customer: Chris thank you. Could u look at my other question?
Chris12 :

Here's the assignment: Yes, I'll go look for your other question.

Chris12 :

Here's the other part of the assignment, how essay 4 was changed to essay 5: the introduction of the global poverty concept, arguing the bad oints fo removing barriers as opposed to keeping them up, the introduction of managed isolation and how it is good for newly emerging previously poor nations

Customer: What about the rest of the question?
Chris12 :

Disregard the paper from the first link the format was wrong so I corrected it. Also, the requested section is at the end of the paper. Assignment:

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