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I just had a question. I was writing an apology letter to

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I just had a question.
I was writing an apology letter to my sales force today about my past political Facebook rants on my page for the last year. I never talk politics with my employees or my sales force and never send emails or obstruct with their belief system. However I have certainly blasted my views on my page and I'm ashamed.. However I have reps all over the country who I see once a year. I only really know those who have been working for me for 20 years. It may not have been necessary, but I was embarrassed with my behavior so I wrote out an apology letter to them to all . Im very liberal, my industry is is in the field of design, which is very liberal, and the majority of my sales force is. i do however, have publicans in the south and people that dont share my views. So I wanted to express my regrets. Their is one sentence I want to confirm. I said, "I may be extremely liberal but I don't have hate in my blood for republicans or those who don't share my same political beliefs."

Now I said " I may be liberal." Does that mean I'm admitting to being liberal or that, maybe I am liberal and there's a possibility?

The difference between maybe and may be?

Alex :

I think based on the context of use in this situation that using "I may be extremely liberal" implies that you are indeed liberal and could possibly be very or extremely liberal. "I maybe extremely liberal" would actually be improper grammar and if used slightly differently would imply the fact that you may or may not be extremely liberal.

Alex :

Please let me know if you need further clarification.

Alex :

Thanks, Alex

Customer: So I'm clearly stating that I am extremely liberal?
Alex :

You are clearly stating that you are liberal. You are not stating that you are "extremely" liberal.

Alex :

Another comparison would be "I may be in big trouble" which indicates you are in trouble and the word big is simply an adjective used to describe the level of trouble.

Alex :

Does that provide sufficient clarification?

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