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The best strategy for narrowing your focus is _______. spider

Resolved Question:

The best strategy for narrowing your focus is _______.

spider mapping


trash or treasure

Which of the following appeals to the fives senses and creates a mental picture?




Why is it good to use outlines and graphic organizers?

because you'll have to hand it in with your paper as a visual aid

to make the process go much faster

to help you put events and details in order correctly

to make sure you only have so many details
A way to overcome writer's block in the prewriting process is _______.


writing a theme

organizing ideas

outlining topics
The method of brainstorming that relates to word association is called _______.

three-by-three listing


word sparks

free thinking
The writing process is recursive because _______.

writing should not be print but in cursive

you must recopy a paper until it is published

the steps are circular and overlapping

it includes publishing a formal paper
A narrative essay should _______.

tell, rather than show, about events

show, rather than tell, about events

provide an argument to the reader

have characters, but no setting
The brainstorming method in which you create a visual map of a location or object that is important to you is called _______.

free thinking


word sparks

three-by-three listing
What are the steps of the prewriting process?

stay as broad as possible, free-write, and title it

select a narrow topic, organize ideas graphically, link events chronologically

link events chronologically, organize your ideas, choose a topic

select a narrow topic, broaden it, chronologically organize it
Imagery is important to the audience because _______.

it creates a scene in the mind of reader

it helps the reader understand the author

it draws conclusions about the author

it generates a point of view for the audience
When writing a narrative, the easiest approach to organization is:

clear beginning, middle, and end


the order in which you remember it

any order you like, as long as you support ideas
When sorting through ideas generated by brainstorming, writers usually discover that they _______.

have created writer's block

have too many ideas

don't have enough ideas

can't categorize them
At what point in the process is the story "fleshed out"?

in the drafting process

during outlining

during graphic organizing

in the brainstorming session
Which of the following is true about writing?

If you have to revise too much, you picked the wrong topic.

If it’s due, you have to hand it in, ready or not.

If you don’t get it right the first time, it’s ok.

You only have one shot in good writing.
Which sentence reveals the first person point of view?

Today, stores at every traffic circle along the main streets probably serve coffee to people all day, because it is so popular.

The airport was about a mile away from where the plane made an emergency landing.

In the early days of music, almost anyone with a television could be called a "rich person."

Her parents called her "Corky" and I knew her as a bashful, sweet girl who could draw very well.
PLEASE!!!!!! i NEED THIS IN 30 MINUTES... Thank You...Just as many as you can
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Ellen replied 4 years ago.
Thank you so much for your questions. I am working on your answers.
Expert:  Ellen replied 4 years ago.

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