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David L., Engineer
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Experience:  20 years experience writing white papers, tech publications
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The three key public network components are____________________, ________________, and ____________________

The ability of FDDI and other high-availability fiber networks to wrap connections on either side of a break is due to the dual _______________ rings.

SNAP stands for______________ .

Given a small local area network of 10 systems, what is the best device, where best is best performance without additional unneeded functionality, to connect all 10 systems to each other. Assume that all of the systems need to transfer large files frequently between each other, but that there is no need for external access/communication outside of the LAN.


A. Hub

B. Switch

C. Router


Given an analog signal with the highest frequencies at slightly below 5KHz, what would be the best sampling frequency, where best means the lowest sampling frequency that will still accurately allow the original signal to be regenerated.

A. 1 KHz

B. 2.5 KHz

C. 5 KHz

D. 8 KHz

E. 10 KHz

Which of the following is a cell-based protocol?


B. Ethernet


D. X.25


Section 2 Please answer all question in detail and in your own words.

What is a collision on an Ethernet network? What happens in the case of a collision?

Describe 5 network topologies (briefly) and give an advantage and a disadvantage for each.

Describe the need for repeaters in networks. Why is this different from an amplifier?

Describe what a VLAN is. How is this useful for a geographically dispersed company? What advantage to the end user does this provide?


When do you need this completed?

Also, do you need references for the short answer questions?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I need this by friday and no I dont need references. The answers just have to be in your own words and detailed.


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David L., Engineer
Category: Homework
Satisfied Customers: 6603
Experience: 20 years experience writing white papers, tech publications
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